The Tuesday Victory Bell

On June 12, 2012 by Grant Edgell


Good morning, Buckeye Faithful and lovers of all things Scarlet, Gray and Urban Frank Meyer’ish. Those of us here at the Empire are waiting patiently to see if any names from the Ohio State Football Women’s Clinic land on the next Rivals100 update. The Buckeyes currently sit ninth in the national recruiting rankings with only eleven commits in their 2013 class thus far while TTUN is posted atop that same board with the twenty-one kids they’ve tricked into professing their allegiance to the winged helmet of mediocrity. I have to believe if we were to snag two – maybe three – of those who attended the clinic this weekend we could scoot right past the Canadians to our direct north. From what I hear those ladies were treated no differently than the Bradley Robys and Travis Howards of the world and came out victorious. A little later today we’ll give you exactly 1,939 well-placed words to sum up the camp directly from a young lady who participated.

Speaking of camps, former Buckeye tight end and now-former New York Giant Jake Ballard doesn’t currently have one to attend after being waived by the defending Super Bowl champs yesterday. Ballard is getting the wrong end of the deal in this one, having had a breakout second season with New York before tearing his ACL in their 21-17 Super Bowl XLVI victory over the New England Belichicks. Ballard had micro-fracture knee surgery just two months ago, likely putting him out for the entire 2012 season anyway, but his agent says the NY Giants brass has every intention of “resigning his client.” Let’s hope he lands on his good leg somewhere while he awaits his return to good health.

Alright, enough of the bad news. Ring that damn bell.

What Bell Am I Supposed to be Ringing?

Over at 410 Woody Hayes Drive, located 150 feet up inside the southeast tower of The Horseshoe, you’ll find the bell pictured above. In a tradition that started back in October of 1954, members of the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity ring it after every Ohio State football victory and to this day are carrying on a tradition that has now lasted nearly six decades. That tradition started after a 21-13 win over the Golden Bears and the fraternity brothers charged with ringing the Victory Bell would get plenty of work that fall, ringing it eight more times during that undefeated season of ’54, capped off with a Rose Bowl win over Southern Cal.

Interested in the deep, rich history of the namesake to our new daily news post? A former ringer of said bell detailed the whole experience over at Land-Grant Holy Land earlier last month. Good stuff.

“I’ll give you some hate to embrace!” Sincerely, scUM Fan

The Empire’s Ryan Lephart opened up The Dark Side of the O yesterday with his Embracing THE Hate post detailing the phenomenon that is the national hatred for The Ohio State University. The part of Ryan’s post that rang so true, and an angle I haven’t often heard, was his, “…..and we don’t say ‘F*ck Michigan’ because we’ve beaten them nine times in the last eleven years – we say it because they beat us fourteen of the previous eighteen.”

As much as our fans hate TTUN, and vice versa, Bo and Woody had a healthy respect for the program of the other, an approach that also trickles onto the field during the annual match-up of historical titans. It’s often said that The Game is the cleanest B1G tilt played on the schedule, which can be directly attributed to the respect the two programs have for those on the opposite sideline. But as with any fan base, the occasional turd will show up and give us some hate to embrace, as was the case yesterday. If you scroll to the comment section of Ryan’s post you’ll quickly find one such example (BlueInsideYou). Have a fair rebuttal for our angry friend from the north? Get after it. My guess: It’s RichRod dressed in a troll costume.

Vegas, Quit Trollin’ Urb

This week the Golden Nugget released early odds on 111 upcoming college football games, including five with Ohio State in action. Let’s just say Vegas doesn’t have near the confidence in Urban Meyer as what we do, with the odds leaning toward the opponent on three of the games listed, including the losing end at East Lansing (+5), at Wisconsin (+6) and home against the Wolverines (+2). The Nugget has tOSU as narrow favorites at home against Nebraska (-1) and at Penn State (-3.5).

Much of the Ohio State fan base has visions of a 10-2, 11-1 or even 12-0 season ahead for the Buckeyes. The schedule, even with eight games being played at the Horseshoe in 2012, doesn’t necessarily lend itself to an unblemished record. Our defense should keep us in every single game, as per usual, but can Meyer turn the offense around in just one off-season? What say you?

The Artists Formerly Known as Buckeye House Call

For those of you who followed along with me at my former Buckeye House Call home, a blog I created in late-2011 that now sits dormant with eight prior months of content held within, it’s up for grabs to the highest bidder (and by bidder I mean he who simply comes with the ability and desire to run a blog about the greatest university athletics program in the country). If you or anyone you know is interested in taking over BHC as I work here to help the Empire guys, please contact me through my email.

Final Thoughts

09.01.2012 – Roll Tide


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