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On June 15, 2012 by Chris Holloway



Each Friday, The Empire will bring you the best of the web, Ohio State edition, a collection of links and notes from around the quilting circle known as the Ohio State media. We scour the tubes so that you don’t have to.



It is with great pleasure that the Empire announces that we have assimilated Buckeye House Call and allied ourselves with the Buckeye Blogger Network, a loose affiliation of 7 Ohio State sites each dedicated to bringing you free Ohio State news, with a twist. What this means is that you’ll see articles here on the Empire that tie in with other BBN sites on quite a few occasions. We’re very proud to be accepted into this semi-prestigious group of miscreants. Here’s what they had to say over the past week.

The Buckeye Battle Cry

Chris Hunt relives the Earle Bruce years in his column titled “Earle Bruce – A Buckeye Legend”

Our Honor Defend

Vico gets cajoled into returning to Hive duties, and has a few words for the 2012 Ohio State Graduating Class

The Silver Bullet

Drew Thurman explains how Coach Meyer can bring up decades long grudges.

The Men of the Scarlet and Gray

A funny take on LeBron’s non-clutch ESPN graphic.

The Buckeye Blog and UnScripted Ohio were out of action this week


The O-Zone

Tony Gerdeman is a terrible predictor of things.

Land Grant Holy Land

Matt Brown breaks down possible landing spots for Jared Sullinger.

Eleven Warriors

David Sokol takes a look at how the change to Semesters at Ohio State will impact the sports programs.

Plain Dealer

The PD highlights OSU and Miami (Fla.) as two programs among 13 that were honored by the NCAA for academic success


Bill Rabinowitz explains how Sophomore center Brian Bobek might just transfer within the B1G.


Adam Rittenberg explains what most of us already knew: the wide receivers need to step up this summer.


I once ate an entire ice cream cone in a single bite.

Holy Buckeye
Holy Buckeye

3 Yards Before Id drop to a Cloud of Brain Freeze.


I call shenanigans. Unless it was one of those "drumstick" things or a McDonald's cone, there's no way you did it all in one bite. Plus, no self respecting human would eat ice cream at McDonalds... So, in conclusion: Shenanigans.

Grant Edgell
Grant Edgell

Still patiently awaiting the cone-licker's back story....


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