The Friday Victory Bell

On June 15, 2012 by Grant Edgell

After eleven days of blogging from a hotel room in the middle of Hawkeye Country I’ve finally achieved a change of scenery as I type this – now from 34,000 feet somewhere between Des Moines and my home in Portland. As I look out my tiny little airplane window I’m thinking the view looks a lot like the future of Michigan football – dark. Brady Hoke certainly has the ship heading back in the right direction up in Ann Arbor but I can’t help but think his Wolverines could very well be the Buffalo Bills of the B1G in coming years – great team who can’t win the big prize. If they’re going to break through to a B1G championship in the next three to five years it had best be in 2012-13 while Urban and the crew are sidelined. After that? About as good a chance as a one-legged man winning an ass-kicking contest.

Speaking of ass kickers, for those of you who follow football recruiting some big news came on Thursday as the number-one ranked recruit in the 2013 class went ahead and pledged his services to Clemson. Defensive end Robert Nkemdiche (Loganville, GA) is 6’5” 260-pounds and held offers from just about every school in the south. While it’s a huge land for the Tigers, it comes as a bit of a gut-punch to Nick Saban and his Crimson Tide, long considered the favorites to land Nkemdiche. A loss for Saban is a win for, well, everyone else. Nice work, Dabo.

…….wait. Does anyone genuinely care what Clemson – or Alabama for that matter – are doing in June? Me either. Ring the damn bell.

Anyone seen the remote?

The Horseshoe is about to get a few new bells and whistles as the old 30’ x 90’ scoreboard above the south stands is being replaced by a new state of the art, HD, holy-hell-have-you-seen-how-big-Urban-looks-up-there, 42’ x 124’ version for a price tag of $7 Million. Apparently 25 new speakers will flank each side of the new big-boy entertainment center and speakers all over the stadium are being either replaced or refurbished to upgrade the entire sound system at Ohio Stadium.

So how does this compare to others? Well, it doesn’t exactly compete with Jerry Jones and his 81’ x 136’ monstrosity at the new Cowboys Stadium, but the new 5,208 sq. ft. display will rank 8th in the country with regards to college football stadium displays behind Texas (7,437), Miami, FL (6,717), USC (6,000), Michigan State (5,412, once built), Arizona (5,352) and Mississippi State (5,217).

And what does this mean for the Buckeyes? Well, two things. One – more light bulbs for Urban to burn out as he runs it up on the Purdues, Indianas and Michigans of the world, and two…Hells Bells is about to get out of control. BONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.


Ohio State wide receivers coach Zach Smith has become an instant hit and fan-favorite on Twitter over the past few months with his near-daily #BuckeyeNationProblems tweets.  He uses the hash tag to report good news in an around the football team from recruiting to academics to how many fans showed up at the Spring Game back in April. He seems to love interacting with the fans and the fans obviously get quite a kick out of it.

Last night he posted one that had an interesting fact attached to it based on some history of Ohio State, the draft and the Buckeyes’ success with getting wide receivers to the next level…

Attached to the tweet was this interesting photo and statistical list. Am I the only one who didn’t realize Ohio State would top such a list while nearly doubling the next school?? Even more amazing is that Tress didn’t exactly take full advantage during the decade he coached four of the seven on the list, yet they all landed first round gigs anyway. Who knew.

By the way, my favorite of Coach Smith’s #BuckeyeNation Problems?

“6:00am staff meeting – look over and Eddie George is sitting in on the meeting… SMH”


Lighty Heading Home?

After spending his first year of pro ball overseas, former Buckeye David Lighty is now back home and will go through a tryout for his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers on the 28th of this month. Lighty’s face would likely be a welcome one for Cavs/Buckeyes fans as Cleveland continues to struggle to get much scoring production from the shooting guard position.

While Lighty won’t make nightly appearances on the SportsCenter Top-10, he would be a great addition and source of consistency for a young team. Sure Lighty would only be a second year pro if he joined the Cavs but after six seasons in Columbus and one overseas he would bring the maturity of a vet with him into Cleveland.

Lighty averaged 7.5 points and 15.3 minutes in eight games with Bennet Cantu, followed by posting averages of 10.7 points and 30.9 minutes in twenty-three games with Vanoli, both Italian organizations.

I had a chance encounter with David in St. Louis after the Buckeyes were knocked out of the NCAA tournament by Tennessee a few years back. We actually crossed paths at the casino across the street from the arena and as soon as he saw the Block O on the cap he gave a quick head nod and then let me snag a quick photo with him. I know, rude. But it was David MF Lighty!

Here’s to hoping his tryout goes for the better and he ends up suiting up in the Wine and Gold next season. Certainly couldn’t happen to a better Buckeye.

Final Thought

Jerry Sandusky is just….ew.