You Were Never a Coach

On June 23, 2012 by Grant Edgell


Your life is over, Gerald Arthur Sandusky. Never again will we have to wonder if you’ll get what’s coming to you. A jury consisting of twelve of your peers found you guilty on 45 of 48 charges filed against you in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Sandusky, including seventeen first-degree felonies that will have you living out your sorry-ass days far away from sunlight. If you receive the maximum penalty you’ll be sentenced to 442 years behind bars. FOUR HUNDRED AND FORTY-TWO. At a minimum you’ll be locked up for the next sixty. Considering your current age of 68, the future doesn’t look too bright, does it. I personally hope you receive the max and live to be 500.

We’ve seen your new mug shot, Inmate 12-0529. You look scared as hell.

Those young boys, whose lives you’ve changed forever, stood strong in the face of personal embarrassment, shame and the terror you brought into their young lives and relived their personal nightmares in order to give you a life sentence. They sat in the exact same room as you, stared down a task larger than any of us can imagine and they put you away. They were more brave in telling their story than you have ever been on any singular day of your life. Ten young men spoke on behalf of every child who has ever been sexually abused and removed one more monster from the streets of this country. They should be beyond proud of themselves this morning but you’ve permanently changed the way their mindset works. This was a personal victory for those kids you abused, but it came at an irreversible cost.

They didn’t win against you. They survived in spite of you, and will continue to do so. Those ten young men, and the better people of the proud state of Pennsylvania, have spoken. The days of home confinement are over. Your bail has been revoked and your final day of freedom has come and gone. You. Lose.

You didn’t create The Second Mile “for children – and adults who work with them – to promote self-confidence as well as physical, academic, and personal success.” In your sick mind it was a farm system for destructive activity. Nearly every boy who has come forward against you first came through that program. The fact that you would build such a system under the cover of “Providing Children with Help and Hope,” only to then turn it into a place to prey on the exact children who trusted your intentions, makes you far less than human.

Hundreds of children attended. Hundreds of parents did the exact right thing in their search for assistance. You turned your back on the Second Mile staff who were doing wonderful work for the state of Pennsylvania. You turned your back on the exact community, and state, that supported you. YOU TURNED YOUR BACK ON CHILDREN, THE PARENTS WHO LOVE THEM AND WHO DEPENDED ON YOU TO HELP THEM AFTER YOU TOLD THEM YOU WOULD. You’re not a man of your word. Tell me – is there a worse basic trait for man to be missing?

On the 21st of November 2011 the organization you founded was forced into releasing the following message due to your actions:

We at the Second Mile are sorrowful and horrified about what was suffered by the victims. First and foremost, our thoughts are with the young people hurt by these terrible events, and with their families.

We are working with all our donors and supporters to determine the projected future support level.

Barely a week later, the following was released:

In the wake of the tragic events that have come to light over the last several weeks, The Second Mile has lost significant financial support. Therefore, The Second Mile will implement a reduction in staff to put the organization in a better position to preserve programs. Earlier today, some Second Mile employees received notice that their employment will end over the next several months in an orderly phase-out.

We at The Second Mile are saddened by the need to make these cutbacks; however, our foremost concerns reside with the victims of the horrific abuse reported by the Attorney General and with the children we serve.

Your actions have caused direct harm to many young boys, but it didn’t stop there. The effects of your selfish, inhumane decisions have reverberated through the state of Pennsylvania, a storied university and the people who support both. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and the amount of damage you’ve caused simply cannot be measured. Innocence has been lost forever. Faith, undoubtedly, has been lost for a time. The direction of entire LIVES have been altered indefinitely. It’s unforgivable.

The words alone on your new rap sheet provoke anger, hatred and a disgust for what you stand for: Involuntary deviate sexual intercourse; Indecent assault; Unlawful contact with minors; Corruption of minors; Endangering welfare of children; Criminal attempt to commit indecent assault.

But the worst, for you anyway, is yet to come. 

Your new home isn’t going to be pleasant. Early on you’ll be placed in solitary confinement to be left with nothing but your own thoughts on how the rest of your days will play out. But eventually you’re going to have to join the general population. The most hardened criminals will hate you, and for good reason. Do you know what happens to prisoners who have committed crimes against children? Watch your back, Jerry. I need you to live four more centuries after I’m gone.

Unfortunately, because of your disgusting and incomprehensible actions, there aren’t any winners in this game. You have forced a different life upon numerous people who trusted you. I had a dozen coaches myself growing up while playing every sport available in the tight-knit community of Mount Vernon, Ohio. Each and every one, my own father included, shaped my life at a young age and did so in a positive manner – with positive intentions. They gave me the tools to be productive, efficient and a man who could become a leader later on in life. I know exactly what a coach is and you’re not one. You never were.

You. Lose.


Holy Buckeye
Holy Buckeye

Great article Grant,,, everything you have wrote is almost everything Iv been thinking and Im 1000% positive Im not the only one. Just to bad we couldnt send him to another Country to where the population is in prison out in the open. The cell doors dont lock and not protected by gaurds from the inside. I envision of a jail like the series, "Jail Break" to where the inmates have total access to Jerry. Where theres only a few places to hide but are sooner or later found. Where rat soup meat is fed and prisoners fight over water. O'yes a slow terrible tortured death as the prisoners give him every second of what he deserves....

Marilyn Lowell
Marilyn Lowell

No better words could be spoken. this says it all.