The Empire All-Ohio State NBA Draft

On June 28, 2012 by Chris Holloway


It’s NBA Draft Day. This whole week has been nothing but posturing by both players and teams in order to maximize value and return on investment. Such posturing leads us to Jared Sullinger not being invited to New Jersey for the draft. Little does the NBA know that they did Sully a favor by not requiring him to head to America’s armpit for a dog and pony show punctuated with a moderately sincere handshake with David X. Stern.

I’ve been thinking all week about where the greats of Ohio State would be drafted if they were all eligible today. My #1 pick has been tossed about too many times to count. I even solicited the advice of random people on the street. You can only imagine their consternation when presented by the surprise question “Turner, Oden or Lucas? Which one!?!?!”

The criteria for the draft was simple. The draft order is as how it will play out this evening. Trades have been suspended by the Empire Commissioner’s Office for the duration of the Draft. Each player will be considered on the merits of their college career alone, not counting any possible NBA production.

Without further ado, we present the Empire Draft.

When it finally came down to it, there really was no question. Jerry Lucas, the cornerstone of the last OSU team to win the NCAA title, is the consensus #1 overall pick. Enjoy the Big Easy. The rest of the selections were, quite frankly, painstakingly calculated using as small as sample size as possible. If you disagree, then voice your discontent in the comments.