3 Yards and a Cloud of Links

On June 29, 2012 by Chris Holloway


Each Friday, The Empire will bring you the best of the web, Ohio State edition, a collection of links and notes from around the quilting circle known as the Ohio State media. We scour the tubes so that you don’t have to.



It is with great pleasure that the Empire announces that we have assimilated Buckeye House Call and allied ourselves with the Buckeye Blogger Network, a loose affiliation of 7 Ohio State sites each dedicated to bringing you free Ohio State news, with a twist. What this means is that you’ll see articles here on the Empire that tie in with other BBN sites on quite a few occasions. We’re very proud to be accepted into this semi-prestigious group of miscreants. Here’s what they had to say over the past week.

The Buckeye Battle Cry

Mali gets into detail about the biggest news in CFB this week, the Playoff

Our Honor Defend

Jeremy Schneider talks about his favorite Buckeye, Jack Nicklaus

Men of the Scarlet and Gray

MotSaG breaks down the commitment of Michael Hill

The Silver Bullet

Drew Thurman outlines the moves that OSU needs to continue make in the secondary recruiting arena

UnScripted Ohio

Jeremy takes a look at the recent APR news and how OSU fared.


The O-Zone

Tony Gerdeman is not particularly ecstatic about the CFB playoff

Land Grant Holy Land

Luke Zimmerman talks about his favorite Olympics moment

Eleven Warriors

Kyle Rowland pens gets a great interview with Coach Tim Hinton.


Bob Hunter says what all of us were thinking.

Plain Dealer

Doug Lesmerises laments Sullinger’s pre-draft slide 


Welcome to Jon Thoma and Joe Dexter, as both join The Empire. Now make me a sandwich.