The Tuesday Victory Bell

On July 3, 2012 by Grant Edgell

Great Tuesday morning, Buckeye faithful and lovers of all things Urban Meyer-related. We’re one day beyond that crap-hole named Monday and just a few working hours short of a little much-needed holiday break to celebrate our independence. Hopefully everyone stays safe tomorrow and avoids any BBQ-inflicted eyebrow singing and sharp objects in bare feet while rounding third in your 31st Annual Wiffle Ball Gala. Speaking of which…

Jordan Hall‘s ‘significant’ foot injury, which required surgery on Friday to repair a lacerated tendon in his right foot, is heartbreaking for……..Jordan Hall. All of us within Buckeye Nation have spent the better portion of three days discussing who the ‘Next Man In’ might be, and what effect Hall’s absence will have on the first few games of the Fall, but this is far worse for him than us. By all rights, this is his contract year, playing not only for The Ohio State University but also for draft position and his NFL rookie contract. If ever there were a chance for his stock to rise heading into the League, it’s now. He’s a senior getting ready to play for a head coach who has every intention of specifically maximizing his skills in a position Percy Harvin made famous under Meyer at Florida. It was (or is?) the perfect storm for Hall. Let’s hope he fully recovers quickly enough to get back in the saddle and ride out of Columbus the way Urban plans for him to.

Alright, enough. Ring the damn bell.

Get after it, Girl

The WNBA has named former Buckeye guard Samantha Prahalis their Rookie of the Month for the month of June. For the month, the sixth overall pick of the 2012 Draft averaged 13.8 points, 5 assists and 1.8 steals per game while shooting better than 96% from the free throw line. Yes, NINETY-SIX PERCENT. She was 26-of-27 to be exact, which in and of itself deserves Rookie of the Something.

Bear with me here – considering your average WNBA team scores 80-ppg, and your average NBA team scores 97-ppg, based on ratios along Prahalis’ 13.8 – 5 – 1.8 would translate into 17 points, 6 assists and 2.1 steals in the men’s game. Any idea who in the NBA matches that statistical mold? How about the all-world Washington Wizard guard John Wall and his 16.3 – 8 – 2 averages in the same categories? The problem with the comparison is – Wall only shoots 79% from the charity stripe. Weak sauce.

WoLOLverines v Appalachian State, Part Deux

Fine, fine. Michigan isn’t playing Notre Dame in 2018 or 2019. Whatever. That’s just six less hours of my life I’ll spend rooting for a tie. The bigger news released with Michigan’s future non-conference schedules this week was the fact that they’ve invited Appalachian State back into the Big House in 2014. How bad must it suck to have to go looking for a ‘Revenge Game’ against a Football Championship Subdivision (formerly 1AA) program? Regardless, there’s no way around the fact that they can go on ahead and drub the Mountaineers into submission and it will never, ever take away the fact that they were upset by the same little school while ranked fifth in the nation just a few years prior. Ever. Never. Ever. Never ever. Know what would be cool though? If it happened again. Teehee.

One final tidbit on the Skunkbears’ future non-conference schedules. They hopped out on a limb and scheduled three games against PAC-12 schools from 2014 to 2016. Of course, it’s not a home-and-home with USC and another throw-in game. It’s not consecutive years against the Trojans, Oregon and Stanford. No, huh uh. It’s, wait for it………..Utah, Colorado and Oregon State, who posted a combined record of 14-24 in 2011. I know that they know that I know they’ve learned their lesson from scheduling Alabama in 2012 – and they haven’t even played them yet. Way to step up, Hoke. /fartnoise

Anzalone to decide this weekend

After a few months of drama that included one Spring Game in Columbus, rumored return visits that never happened, one irate father – who then became apologetic – and one creepy pedophile roaming the hallowed grounds of The Ohio State University on his way to a Kentucky prison, Alex Anzalone is about to make a decision on where to go to college. According to Rivals’ Mike Farrell, Anzalone is down to Notre Dame, Florida and Penn State as his likely choices. My guess? I say he’s going to Notre Dame to become a 2013 classmate with pal Mike Heuerman. Others say Penn State after he made a recent visit there.

His de-commitment from Ohio State was very well documented when it occurred shortly after an innocent photo of he and the said pedophile, Charles Eric Waugh, surfaced shortly after Anzalone made an unofficial visit to campus to watch the Spring Game in late April. Without rehashing all that has gone on before and directly after that day of reconsideration, I’ll say this: Stay classy, Buckeye Nation. In the social media world we live in, we all have direct access to this kid (and many others). In the end, this is a big decision for someone in his shoes. Today it’s about football. Four years from now it’ll be about the education he did or didn’t receive. Twenty years from now it’ll be about nothing more than the friendships and memories he forged in college. Let it go, and let the kid celebrate his decision.

If while announcing his decision he says anything about taking his talents to South Beach, all bets are off (Da U isn’t in the running so we/he should be safe).

Final Thought

By this time tomorrow, 2013 Ohio State de-commit Lewis Neal will very likely be an LSU Tiger. Blasphemy, I say.




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  2. […] Hall went down two weeks ago with an unfortunate laceration and torn tendon in his foot while walking barefoot through grass, the program paused for a moment waiting on word of his […]