A Conversation With Phil Steele

On July 20, 2012 by


What up Nation? You ready for Kickoff yet? I’m so jacked up, I feel like at any moment, I could go all spider monkey. That’s what winners do. And as big as a loser I am, THE Ohio State University bails me out ever single year when the pigskin begins it’s ascent. After enduring the roughest season in program history for fans, excitement is in the air.

We know that for every minute Urban Meyer works, Brady Hoke is eating a doughnut. A ton of new talent will take the field, combined with some experienced players that are considered some of the top in the nation at their position. We will also see some young talent from a year ago,  looking to blossom.

Every year, we are reminded of just how close the football season is when Phil Steele’s College Football Preview hits magazine stands. By Far, it’s the best publication to get you ready for the college football season. Today at the Empire, we’re lucky to have Phil join us for the very first addition of audio craziness.

Phil and I discuss the basics of the Ohio State season, and some of the questions heading into September. We also touch on the Big Ten, and how he ranks things.

This is the start to what we hope to build here in the future, a strong podcast with guests that you enjoy. Make sure you let us know what you think about Phil’s predictions in the comments.

Without Further ado, here’s my conversation with Phil from earlier this week. Enjoy!


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