Those Illustrious Football Tickets

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With millions of Buckeye fans and only 102,329 seats in the Horseshoe, tickets to Buckeye football games are rare commodities. I’ve weighed most of the options to get football tickets this season, and while free box seats from Urban himself was at the top of the list, it didn’t seem realistic enough to count.

The simplest way to get tickets is through the Alumni Association (obviously for OSU Alumni only). OSU Alumni are offered tickets through a lottery system; it doesn’t matter when you graduated, how much tuition money you spent or how deep your love for the Buckeyes goes, you have the same odds as everyone to not only get a seat, but to get a good seat. I could spend $150 for 2 tickets to one of the first 3 games of the season (you know, the non-conference ones), and end up sitting in the very last row of ‘C’ deck. I don’t like raffles, I don’t like everything from the games to the seats being random; I’d at least like to know what deck I would be sitting in to know whether it’d be worth the money, or the date of the game to know if I’m available/in town.

Student tickets are like $35; not only do I need to pay my annual dues to be a member of the Alumni Association, BUT I then have to pay double what the students do for my tickets, and end up sitting right next to them come game day…NO THANKS! I’d rather wait til game day, for some hung-over freshmen looking to give away his tickets for $30 a piece because his body can’t function enough to climb 3 trillion steps to the top of ‘C’ deck.

I know from experience that when students have tickets, and either don’t want to go or can’t go to a game, their first priority is selling them. Not only do they want/need the quick cash, but part of the Buckeye lifestyle is making sure each seat is filled with someone wearing Scarlet and Gray. Good news for students though, people would rather buy student tickets than some random ones from scalpers. Most likely, if you go to the stadium gate 20 minutes before kick-off, some OSU student (probably and hopefully smelling like liquor) will be holding up some tickets he’s looking to unload.

Getting tickets through the University (for non-students) is about $75 per ticket; or you can wait til closer to the season and get them from any number of websites like,, or eBay. Currently on these sites, tickets are only about $10-$15 more than OSU’s price, and you can make sure you’re getting good seats (at least ‘B’ deck).

Now, I know for games like Illinois, Nebraska or Michigan, ticket prices on these sites are going to be MUCH higher than face value, but I’m not paying $150 for two tickets to watch OSU vs Miami (OH) in ‘C’ deck, that’s just not happening. I would however pay that much for ‘A’ deck seats on the 50 yard line any day. And that day might be today, because for this Miami (OH) game you can go onto Ticketmaster and PICK YOUR OWN SEATS for the EXACT same price as I would have spent in the Alumni lottery; including ‘A’ deck.

A lot of organizations throughout Central Ohio have some type of promotional deal with OSU in exchange for football tickets, including the Columbus Chamber of Commerce, local radio and TV stations. Some charge you slightly more than face value, and others let you win the tickets. There are random, yet few ways to get tickets from a 3rd party.

My favorite (and most used) tactic is to just go down to campus, enjoy myself tailgating and try to find a student looking to sell his tickets; if all else fails, jump into BW3’s and enjoy the game less than 2 blocks from the Shoe (at least you can still hear the stadium from the patio!)

Aside from sleeping with someone who has connections to tickets, these options seem the most realistic in trying to score some lucrative Buckeye football tickets this season.


I have tickets to Miami,UAB,UCF and Nebraska 50 yardline in A deck...I personally think 50 yardline in the C deck is much better