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On August 27, 2012 by Grant Edgell


Buckeye Nation,

via Cam Reagan, OSU Football Graphic Designer

This morning I’m excited to announce the release of a project, The Empire Forum, that we’ve put quite a bit of work into in order to provide Buckeye Nation with another channel in which to interact with one another and with the staff here at Buckeye Empire.

You’ll find two new links within the Buckeye Empire home page: a temporary Forum graphic within the sidebar to the right, and a permanent Empire Forum link in the navigation toolbar above. Those are your channels to get from here to the forum and, once there, it won’t be difficult to find your way back.

As all new releases go, we’ll certainly have some bugs to work through over the next couple of weeks, many of which we won’t discover until they, or you, smack us directly in the forehead. We’ve completed hours of work in order to design, test and integrate the new Empire Forum section into the current Buckeye Empire website, but there is still work to be done.

At the moment you’ll notice there is some additional content already posted within the message boards and we intend to follow that up by providing even more Ohio State content, topics for discussion, game previews and recaps, along with news and notes for those who wish to join our new community.

The Empire Forum is 100% FREE to our readers and requires only a quick, simple registration in order to give everyone within the forum community a unique identity. From there you will be able to personalize your membership and personal profile in many different ways to allow yourself to stand out from the crowd and to add whatever amount of personality to your membership that you wish.

You’ll also notice we’ve separated our initial message board into three categories to better organize ongoing discussions: Ohio State Football; Ohio State Basketball; and the Dark Side of the O. Within those categories you’ll see sub-categories that help us to separate content for ease of navigation. If you have suggestions for further categories or sub-categories please don’t hesitate to let us know, as this is YOUR Forum – we’re just here to provide it and play along as fans.

As with any type of community, we understand that it takes time to build and grow. We ask that you provide us with whatever feedback you may have, positive or negative, and try to keep it as constructive as possible in order for us to continue to improve as a website. We’re all about providing our readers with exactly what they want, and The Empire Forum is just one more example of our efforts to do so.

We’ll continue to add new content and features within the structure of the new Empire Forum over the coming days, weeks and months. In the meantime, we’ve quickly collected and posted all of the Ohio State Football Recruiting Mailers (as seen above) and posted them within the first thread of the Football Chatter section. If you have a moment, go check them out. Cam Reagan (Ohio State Football Graphic Designer) is one talented individual to say the least.

Now what….well…..now you go sign up for free, spread the word to your Buckeye-lovin’ friends and feel free to begin whatever conversations you’d like within the pages of the new Empire Forum. This community starts with YOU, and freedom is yours.

We’re just five days from kickoff – what are you waiting for?


Bruce Boysen
Bruce Boysen

Great job Grant... good to be hear!!! So excited for 'BUCKEYE' football :) GO BUCKS!!!


I Bleed Scarlet and Gray..... I pretty much hate everybody else... Can't wait till Urban makes 'em bow down in our town....O-H...