Can you feel it, Buckeye Nation?

On September 1, 2012 by Buckeye Empire


There’s no better place to be in the Fall.

Are you pumped up about the return of Ohio State football, because I sure am. Three hours from now, fans of all ages, races, genders and backgrounds will be converging on the hallowed ground down by the Olentangy. It is a beginning of a new era at The Ohio State University – renewal, change, energy, passion, tradition.  No, we aren’t reinventing Buckeye football, simply reviving it and getting ready to embark on a new adventure with Head Coach Urban Meyer in command.  Can you feel it? Are you ready?

As I drove throughout campus on Thursday afternoon and stopping by the Athletics Department, the WHAC, and Ohio Stadium, you can tell that the energy is there.  The sound booming and pulsating through the new sound system in the south stands and the tents around the stadium parking tell me that the battle is nearly here.

The traffic, the swarming crowds of people, the smell of hot dogs, brats, burgers, beer, and the pounding music coming from tailgates.  Rambunctious shout outs of O-H-I-O by everyone from a toddler to a grandma and grandpa tooling down Lane Avenue get the chant going that makes my heart thump with pride for our team.

Scenery, where do I even begin to start talking about the scenery that is about to be displayed throughout the campus on game day?  Thank you Jesus we have some beautiful women here in Ohio that will be supporting the Scarlet and Gray and be the cause of more than one fender bender!

Regardless of how old you are, where you hail from, and where you are, this time of year as a Buckeye reignites that passion for the game inside. You look back and remember your first time watching them on television, in person, or maybe from a tailgate on Lane. Maybe this time of year you remember that first keg stand, tailgate, game of beer pong and the illustrious after effects.  Perhaps you remember walking with The Best Dammed Band in the Land after Skull Session and seeing them take the field with such passion and excitement.

At 34 years of age it has me amped up and ready to walk into the stadium tomorrow morning with camera bags in tow and a press pass on my chest.

Six years of work writing and photographing the Buckeyes for my network and I have finally achieved my goal of full season credentials. I remember my first game, the terrible seats, the sound of the stadium roar, my first tailgate, seeing my grandfather’s face when I took him to his first game, and my first time touching the field.  However young or old Buckeye Nation, make your memories!

Can you feel it?

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Tune in tomorrow morning as I present to you, in pictures, the experience of the Miami (OH) RedHawks doing battle with THE Ohio State Buckeyes in the official debut of the Urban Meyer Era of Ohio State Football – right here at Buckeye Empire.



Jason Bostic
Jason Bostic

Thanks Kristi. Hoping I can spend some time this season and contribute a little more. So many things about game day that just get me.

Kristi shoewalter
Kristi shoewalter

Is it wrong that this chokes me up??? If it is...I don't want to be right!!!! Great job, Jason! Go Bucks!!!!