Risk and Gain – The return of Jordan Hall

On September 12, 2012 by Buckeye Empire


We all know that Buckeye Nation is very interested in seeing more of the weapons that are loaded up in the Urban Assault vehicle, aka the Buckeyes roster and almost daily there is one name that comes up.  With the mainstream media spotlight continuing to search for senior tailback Jordan Hall and what can he do for the Buckeyes, Coach Urban Meyer is very interested, it appears, in making sure he is ready for the Big 10 run.

Barely into the schedule and non-conference at that, Meyer knows that while we can’t get that bowl game this year, there is still plenty to prove over the next ten games.  Even more important, he recognizes the need for a strong team over all.

Hall, taken out of the mix by a foot and toe injury back in July, was slated to only be out ten weeks for his injury, but has yet to completely come back into the mix at Ohio State. With that said, it doesn’t mean Hall hasn’t been contributing to the team effort.  At camps, at practice, on the field, supporting his teammates and keeping his head in the game.  Saturday, as I had the opportunity to see Hall, he appears healthy, walking fine, and has his head in the game.

Despite being without Hall in the huddle, the strength of the Buckeyes is there and Meyer feels confident in the decisions being made.  How many times have we seen athletes come back too soon only to be taken out later in the season and remain questionable? Personally I would rather see him continue to strengthen and be ready for the long haul to still have an explosive senior year.

In this case, Coach Meyer seems very interested in the overall health as a team, using what weapons he has at full strength, but continuing to evaluate others and getting them (including Hall) to the same strength.  I’m not saying the services of Hall aren’t needed at this point, but do you risk him in a game with Cal or do you hold out and utilize him against a stronger opponent? I wouldn’t call the move conservative, but really it comes down to – do you risk a lot and bringing him back early, and what is to be gained out of that?

Risk a little to save a little, risk a lot to save a lot.  When they can, they need to be getting these underclassmen and even upperclassmen with less playing time that have the effort and talent out there and getting the job done. We aren’t just talking the 2012 season folks, but decisions that have already been made this year are going to help the Buckeyes in coming years.

Jordan Hall has been medically cleared to play. How much we’ll see of him on Saturday is yet to be seen. We have a long season ahead of us and we’ll probably see him in spot duty this weekend, and a little more next week against Alabama-Birmingham. But the goal of 2012 is twelve wins and zero losses and we need Hall at full strength for a trip to East Lansing on the 29th.

We all want to see him back in action, but not at the risk of keeping him from full strength down the road.


We saw what happened with Nate Williams. I think the game plan was to have him play some and get the rust off. Instead, he was for something like 30 plays. Next game? On the bench due to soreness. I feel like these kids have so much heart and will to play for Meyer, that they are pushing themselves to come back before they are truly ready. Come to think of it, the same thing happened with Bennett. Hall needs <10 plays against Cal, and about the same vs UAB. Let him work back into the plan slowly and practice his ass off to get the timing back. This easy non-con schedule is no reason to push/re-injure weapons needed for Sparty.


I wouldn't think that he'd touch the ball more than 6-8 times at most.