Does Ohio State Have a New Rival?

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It’s a beautiful thing when passion meets happiness. On Saturday, Buckeye Nation felt the power of emotion when Urban Meyer spilled his raw feelings on ESPN shortly after the game.

His words were to the point.

Saturday was a great team win. It was a credit to a conference receiving a ton of flack over the last few weeks for being soft. For Meyer and fans of the Buckeyes – it was the perfect way to open up the Big Ten season.

And the only way to liberate the fear of repeating one of the most unmemorable seasons in Buckeye history.

You see, October rang in with one of the ugliest losses of all time. A game that lit a vivid image of what was to come. A battle that saw Ohio State average less than a yard per rush and 35 total yards on the ground on 39 carries. The team had more progress in penalties than they did running the ball.

And of course at the point, Operation Missile Baus was in full motion and a week away from causing it’s most damage.

It was ugly and downright embarrassing.

The Spartan defense made the Buckeye front line and backs look like melting puddin’ pops. Even Bill Cosby was perplexed by the joke that was five sacks given up in the final quarter of a two possession ballgame.

Flash forward to last Saturday and it’s easy to understand why Urban Meyer was a jubilant soul, at a loss of words, knowing that his program to a step in the right direction.

The tides have turned.

Instead of the Buckeyes garnering turnovers and losing, it was Michigan State getting the ball back three times, yet falling short of victory.

On the sidelines were two teams who didn’t necessarily hate each other. They have shared their battles on the gridiron, just like any pair of conference foes.

But just hours after this year’s battle, a regular conference game turned into something ugly.

Maybe it’s because Buckeye Nation instantly lost any respect they had for a former member of a National Championship staff. No matter what, being in the god forsaken land up north had to have something to do with it. Hell, Sparty has now been walking around the last few years like they want to be the new WoLOLverines of the B1G.  Another part of the equation has to be that they want to be the new WoLOLverines of the B1G.

Whiny ass bitches who find anything to complain about. Win or lose.

You see, I can understand trolling when losing. Especially when you have nothing better to do than study for the latest in Cowology. Oww Oww! Even Calculus professors are doing what they can to strip naked in front of coeds get off that campus. Slobbering on windows, running through halls. Scaring future Angus herders shitless.

But TapeGate? You want to talk ethics Sparty coaching staff?

Listen Dantonio, we understand you miss the great Jim Tressel and his respect of you raiding our state looking for some two star recruits. I know you believed that you would be able to steal for a few at least for the next few seasons while Ohio State bounced back from one of the darkest times in history.

But I have to ask: What is more unethical? Taking advantage of a friendship by recruiting in his territory because you know you cant get prospects in your own state?  Or convincing a kid who hasn’t signed on the dotted line that a program in your own state, with a longer tradition, and better coaching staff is better for you?

Here’s a question to pose to Michigan State Defensive Coordinator Pat Narduzzi: Is it more unethical to accidentally send the wrong tape through FTP, and then resend the right one? Or is it a more ethical practice to allow your defense to gouge the eyeballs of your opponents and not punish them for it?

Hey NarSLEEZEE, you got no comment. Figures.

Don’t worry. Urban Meyer has submitted a complaint that actually has some validity. It’s okay that you have nothing to say. Let the video speak for itself.

By the way, I hope you’re not crying when you lose all your Ohio cred in upcoming recruiting classes. I hope you know you woke up a sleeping giant.

Looks like Buckeye Nation, Urban Meyer, the Silver Bullets and Scarlet Assassins have another date to circle twice on their calendar.

Two coaches who hate each other. Two fan-bases backing their fearless leader.

It might not be a rivalry. We might forget about this scuffle by this time next year. One thing is clear though.

A potential rivalry is brewing.




Ohio State-Michigan State will never be a rivalry, along the same lines as OSU-TSUN (That School Up North) or OSU-Wisky. Two reasons: Legends, and Leaders. Braxton Miller just played his final regular-season game against Sparty, as Ohio State will see Sparty and Nebraska disappear from their schedule after this season, to be replaced by Iowa and Northwestern for a 2013-2014 home-and-home. Heck, after Saturday's night game versus the Cornshuckers, OSu is not slated to play them again until 2017 -- the 2015 and 2016 seasons have OSU playing Michigan State and Minnesota. So essentially, three-quarters of the Buckeyes who just rolled MSU this past weekend, won't see MSU or "Children of the Corn" again, unless Sparty or the Cornholes meet the Buckeyes in the Big Ten championship game following the 2013 or 2014 seasons. It's hard to develop a rivalry when two teams play a home-and-home, but don't meet again for three years. That's the OSU-MSU relationship right now. And as for a Nebraska rivalry? Only freshmen who are redshirting this year, strolling the sidelines in jerseys without shoulder pads, will still be wearing the Scarlet and Gray the next time the Buckeyes play the Huskers. So ... I would be quick to say that if they aren't Wisky, or if they aren't the Rabid Skunks ... they aren't rivals.