Carlos Hyde making a major impact for Ohio State

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Ohio State running back Carlos Hyde has become increasingly exciting to watch. Throughout this year he has stepped up into a position that is typically strong for the Buckeyes. Watching Hyde run over and through the opposing team’s defense is reminiscent of Beanie Wells.

He is big and will make you pay for getting in his way.

Hyde joined the Buckeyes during the reign of Daniel “BOOM” Herron; needless to say he didn’t have many opportunities his first year with the Buckeyes to make any type of impression. Herron was suspended for most of the 2011 season after the infamous “tattoo-gate,” which left a lot more availability for the sophomore running back.

With Herron out, his second season with Ohio State was much more impactful than the first; Hyde rushed for 566 yards, had a team best 5.3 yards per carry average and he scored 6 touchdowns, first among running backs and second only to then-freshman quarterback Braxton Miller.

A few season highlights from last year include Hyde opening the year with a career high 97 yards against Akron, followed by 104 yards and 2 touchdowns vs Nebraska, and 105 rushing yards and a touchdown vs Indiana. Scoring multiple touchdowns in a game is clearly a trend for Hyde, who also rushed for 76 yards and scored twice against Toledo last year.

Hyde worked hard on the field for the Buckeyes in 2011 but near the end of the season, Herron’s suspension was over and he was finally able to take the field. In addition to him being a senior, he was also a proven instrument for Ohio State’s offense. His return to the field meant less playing time for Carlos Hyde, which Hyde publicly criticized.

Following the Buckeyes first conference win of the 2011 season, it seemed like everyone who was able to rush the ball did – except Hyde. He proceeded to vent in the most public way possible, through the social network Twitter. His tweet was simple and to the point: “Guess I’m not good enough. I’ll take my talents elsewhere.”

He obviously didn’t leave the university and almost immediately removed it from the website, but some immediately questioned what type of commitment he had to the program, including many former Buckeyes including LeCharles Bentley, Dee Miller and Dustin Fox, through the same social networking platform.

Fast forward to this year, 2012, and most would say they’ve forgotten about that short temper tantrum. Based on the talent and heart he has shown on the field this season, Hyde should have a pretty permanent spot in the line-up. With Jordan Hall being suspended much of last season, only to be injured most of this season, Hyde has stepped up to the plate and claimed his starting spot.

Carlos is already inching toward his career-high single season rushing yards total and we’re barely half way through the schedule. He hasn’t been healthy all season, but does have five games under his belt this year; what’s been truly amazing are the stats he’s posted over just the last two games.

During the Ohio State vs Nebraska game last Saturday night, the Buckeyes scored more points than they had in any single game over the past two seasons.  With 63 total points, it’s no wonder that Hyde’s numbers were off the charts; he rushed 28 times for a short-lived career-high of 140 yards. The big news out of Columbus for this game was that he also scored four touchdowns. FOUR (it’s one of those things you have to say more than once to get the full affect…FOUR TOUCHDOWNS). It was obviously King Hyde’s turn to shine and he was going to give everything he had to have the announcer say just one more time, “OHIO STATE’S CARLOS HYDE FOR ANOTHER TOUCHDOWN!”

In case his performance against Nebraska wasn’t enough proof of the talent this young man has, he decided to show Buckeye Nation exactly what he can offer just seven days later in Bloomington. Hyde replaced his single game career-high rushing yardage when he rushed 22 times for 156 yards against the Hoosiers. He scored one rushing touchdown and one passing touchdown in the game, and was instrumental in the Buckeyes coming away with a win.

Carlos Hyde is only a junior at Ohio State and will undoubtedly finish this season off strong, only to be a real force in his senior year. Now that he is playing under Coach Urban Meyer, his abilities will flourish under the new style offense. He has the chance to be mentioned among the best of Ohio State’s recent running backs, right along with Beanie and Boom.

David Wells (olbuck)
David Wells (olbuck)

Alexis, Good article and I could not agree more about Carlos Hyde, in fact shortly before the season began I posted on Facebook that this young man was a horse and if smart, the coaches had best take notice and turn him loose and hang on for the ride. I'm an old school Buckeye tOSU"65" and love the big tailback or fullback running ala Woody style the only exception being the immortal Archie who did it being undersized but with a heart and drive as big as mirror lake.


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