20 Things I Hate About Wisconsin

On November 15, 2012 by BuckeyeEmpire


Normally it’s 10 things, let’s face it, they deserve 20.

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I mean really Wisconsin fans, how do you even like your own head coach?

11.  Bucky the damn Badger.  Badgers are basically skunks with their stripes on their heads, and their overall play on the football field reflects that analogy.  Bucky’s outfit looks like a bass-ackwards version of Waldo and his pushups look like he needs to be doing them from his knees.

12.  Their girls are ugly.  I’ve been to Madison, I went to a LOT of bars in Madison, and at no point did I think, “man there are some good looking girls in this bar.”  More often than not I thought, “WHERE are all the girls in this bar.”  When my friends and I would find them, we wished we hadn’t.  No matter what any Wisconsin fan tells me, I refuse to believe that every girl in that state wasn’t brought up on a steady diet of milk, cheese, and ugly sticks.

13.  Bret Bielema’s whiny ass attitude.  It seems that Bret feels the need to let anyone and everyone know when it’s his time of the month… to pay rent or something.  Seriously this guy bitches more publicly out of line than Karl Rove.

14.  Their Eat S**t – F*** You Shirts.  Look I’m obvoiusly fine with our F-Michigan t-shirts, but this may be a little excessive.  These t-shirts have absolutely no meaning to the student body itself, besides the next reason to hate them… 

15.  Their Eat S**t – F*** You Chant.  I have no idea when this started or why they do it, but it’s absolutely worthless.  People like to give us a lot of flack about O-H-I-O going around the stadium and the OH-IO back and forth chant being boring or too easy.  Well… this one beats all those notions 10 fold.  Congrats on being the worst looking student section in the country, Wisconsin.

16.  2010  – From the opening kickoff it appeared something was just going to be awful about this game, and it continued to get worse.  In what I remember as our worst special teams/offensive game ever, it was the only blemish on an otherwise undefeated, soon to be vacated season.

17.  Them trying to claim this as a “Rivalry Game.”  I was looking back to see the last loss to them besides 2010, and had to scroll back to 2004 and 2003… Beating someone 3 times in 10 tries isn’t a rivalry Wisconsin, that’s being the same caliber team as Purdue.

18.  Bret’s Tattoo.  Sure he supports his alma mater, but it’s just as ugly as the girls in Madison.  

19.  Bo Ryan.  It’s officially basketball season, so I can bring him up.  After his now infamous, “We won the game, DEAL WITH IT” rant after Sully got a ball of spit in his eye from a Wisconsin fan, he’s the #2 douche in the land of cheese.

20.  We’re 3 point DOGS.  I understand that Vegas makes these odds to win money.  I understand that the game is AT Wisconsin.  I understand that their students jump up and down between the 3rd and 4th quarters.  What I don’t understand is the idiocy of having a team favored to win who lost to Oregon State, Nebraska and Michigan State.  Two of which we have beaten this year.  I’ll be in Vegas this weekend, so maybe I’ll go ask this “odds maker” myself.


Ok… I might actually like #20.  One word JUICE!

Embrace The Hate


agreed 3 point unders might help the team.