Joe Dexter Joins Badger Power Hour

On November 15, 2012 by


Anytime you have to talk to Badger fans, your initial reaction is to stand back and hope they don’t spray like the stanky ass rodent they are. When I joined Andy Coppens and the gang at Mad Town Badgers on Tuesday to talk about the game that is being touted as the “Battle In Camp Randall.”

I’m sorry, but the only battle on Saturday will be Big Bert trying to hold off Braxton Miller from squashing his ego.

44 yards on 3rd and 2. Off the Back foot for the win m’fer.

At least he’ll have his 27 year old wife to go home to. She didn’t know he was a coach or played football until four months into the relationship. But then again, I wouldn’t want my significant other knowing I was a Hawkeye or converted Badger.


Believe it or not, there are some awesome Badger fans out there, and it seems like most of them find their way over to MadTown Badgers. Andy Coppens was kind enough to ask me to join the Badger Power Hour to talk about this weekend’s matchup between Bucky and Brutus.

Here is the interview from Tuesday. Enjoy.

Joe Dexter Joins The Badger Power Hour by Buckeye Empire