A New Look For A New Era

On November 21, 2012 by Buckeye Empire

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On Monday night, the Buckeyes unveiled their new digs for the 2012 edition of The Game. This is the fourth time Ohio State has rocked alternate uniforms created by Nike. The first two times, as it will be on this occasion, the Buckeyes showed their new look against Michigan, and last season beat the Wisconsin Badgers in uniforms worn as a tribute to the 1961 Buckeyes. In each instance, the Buckeyes have attributed to the new uniforms to a past Buckeye squad. These uniforms are apparently no different, paying homage to the 1968 team.

The newest uniforms built by Nike feature some of the most revolutionary technology in the uniform business. A certain lightweight fabric, strategically placed on certain parts of the uniform, called “flywire”, will allow the Buckeyes to be faster than ever before. The pants are also made of this lightweight material.

The design of the uniform features an all chrome helmet with an enlarged red stripe down the middle, flanked with stripes of white and black. The design of the stripe on the new uniforms mirrors that of the normal uniform, just in a much larger form. The uniform itself is a lot like the normal outfit as well. The numbers are different, however, featuring white chrome numbers, outlined in gray. They, like the rest of the uniform, are enlarged as well, taking up a larger portion of the torso than normal. The sleeves have the enlarged helmet stripe in horizontal form, keeping with the enlarged theme.

My favorite part of the uniform is actually on the back. The name’s on the back of the uniform are in black, and right above the name comes the most unique part of the uniform. The helmet will not feature the sacred Buckeye leaves, however, there are seven Buckeye leaves upon the collar that are meant to symbolize the seven national championships brought to Columbus.

These uniforms are by far my favorite produced by Nike so far. Past attempts to honor the past have been ok, but none have come close to mirroring the awesome look Buckeye Nation will see on Saturday.

These uniforms are crisp and classy. Quite plainly, they look sharp. They are very close in image to the ones normally worn on Saturday afternoons in Columbus; uniforms that stand among the tops in college football. As opposed to years past, these duds feature the bright Scarlet that dominates Ohio Stadium on Saturday afternoons. The deep Scarlet of two years ago and last seasons dullish Scarlet just didn’t cut it. These uniforms seem to pop off of the page, and I can only imagine what they will look like opposed to the green turf.

I also enjoy the black on the uniforms. Of course, we can never get enough of the gray, but the black as the secondary color looks very nice against the Scarlet. Red and black have always been a very intense and nice looking color combination and with the black in a semi-small quantity, the combination definitely meshes well.

The accessories that spruce up the uniform are top-notch as well. The gloves, featuring the thematic stripes and a Block O in the middle, are sure to induce a few penalties just as they did two years ago.

You may not have seen this yet, as the pictures have been few and far between, but the under-layer of the uniform is very nice too. We won’t be able to see it on the field, but the sleeves underneath the uniform will continue to the feature the stripes and the black that permeate throughout the rest of the uniform.

Overall, the uniforms don’t matter all that much. I don’t care if they wore skirts, as long as they win the game, that’s all that matters. However, for Buckeye fans, the experience will be very aesthetically pleasing. The new uniforms are a good mix between the classic and the new. They are not the ridiculousness that are the Oregon Ducks nor the bland and unoriginal look displayed by the Penn State Nittanny Lions. They are definitely not a tribute to the past, as much as Nike and Ohio State try to make us believe that they are, but are instead a very nice start to a new era of Ohio State football.

Maybe they should use these continually going forward. Ohio State is due for a slight changing of the guard in terms of the normal uniform, and what a perfect time to do so.