Twas the Night Before Michigan

On November 23, 2012 by Buckeye Empire


“I brought you a little something.”

‘Twas the Night before Michigan 
And all through the Land
Not a Buckeye was stirring
Not even the Band
Urban was watching
Film for “The Game”
While Coach Brady Hoke
Was listening for “KFC” to call his name
Braxton was ready
Running plays through his head
While John Simon could barely 
Stay in his bed
The biggest game for the Buckeyes
In a very long while
The Buckeyes need to win 
In this new Urban style
The anticipation
Is at an all time high
The hopes of the Buckeyes
Are tall as the sky
Denard and his crew 
Think they can take Buckeye Nation
And turn them into 
A bluish sensation
Last year was tough for all Buckeye land
It was hard to say
That team took a stand
The Seniors came back
Bought into a plan
Gave all that they could
Give Urbs all they can
Simon, and Boren, and Johnson
To boot
Gave Buckeye fans 
A new reason to root
All kinds of things asked
So many sacrifices made
The Buckeyes are back
Cause of them they will stay
New schemes and new coaches
Are great fun and all
The Seniors however 
Allow the Bucks good football
And then of course
There’s that guy number 5
Boy can he juke
And rumble and dive
Then there’s Kid Carlos
Who stepped up to the plate
With Jordan Hall injured
A great impression he seemed to make 
However the biggest 
Impact of them all
Might have just come
Far away from the ball
The men in the trenches
Paved the way for those backs
Got into the weight room
and got on the right track
Linsley the center
Often Urbs gives him praise
He looked inside of himself
And brought in new ways
Hall and Mewhort are always great
But that guy Mr. Fragel 
Well his move was just fate
A senior, a tight end
Or so he thought
But turns out a pass catcher
Mr. Fragel was not 
Put on some blubber
But much muscle too
Things started changing
Urbs said “Fragel who?”
Anchoring the line
Reid Fragel just did
It was a surprise to all 
Maybe not to him
A leader he is
A leader he was
Mr. Fragel we thank you
For all that you’ve done

“You and I both know what I want. Beat Michigan.”

This group is special
This 2012 Buckeye team
A season that had started
As only a dream
The Buckeyes have gotten
To that 11-0
The biggest rival of all
Is the only one left to go
Be thankful you Buckeyes 
For all that we’ve got
For a single year ago
Things weren’t looking so hot
A chance at history
A chance at redemption
We got stomped in the Big House
Into our house, we won’t let them
“It’s Michigan” “It’s Michigan”
Woody did cry
With that tone in his voice
That tear in his eye
That’s the passion we’ll need 
To go into war
To earn all you’ve done
All you’ve fought for
So Buckeyes go win one
You’ve worked so darn hard
Don’t let the Wolverines 
Sniff more than a yard
It’s time to go 
And seal your fate
You win it tomorrow
You’ll be forever, a Buckeye Great.