Product Review: Hangoverless ‘Life Support’

On November 29, 2012 by BuckeyeEmpire


If there’s one thing I learned throughout my years at The Ohio State University, it’s that going to class with a horrible hangover may be the worst thing I can still think of.  That perpetual nagging of the professor talking about how the brain works and personality traits (psychology degree) while all I can think of is that my own brain is slowing trying to punch its way out of my head.  Those days in college were the worst, but came after some of the best nights I’ll ever have as a human being on this little rock.  Never in my wildest dreams would I trade those times on the campus of the greatest university known to man for anything.  That being said, I wouldn’t have minded a little bit of something to help through those hangovers besides Gatorade and Advil.  Enter my friend Zach Beebe.

Zach and his business partners (an awesome team of guys struggling with the same problems we all do on a Sunday morning) started this little business venture a while back, and I’ve kept pace with it to see just how it goes.  As a small business owner myself, I love seeing and supporting anyone I know who has gone out on their own to try and make something for themselves.  But even then, I can’t just blindly support, or tell my other friends to buy, a product that doesn’t work.  What’s the product you ask?  The hangover prevention drink Life Support.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Oh great, some new gimmick claiming to cure hangovers and I have to take all these pills throughout the night and yada yada yada.”  Nope, negative.  Life Support comes in a little (awesomely designed an labeled, actually) glass bottle.  Think of it as like a 5Hour Energy.  Simple enough directions, “drink after your last alcoholic drink.”  Cool, so I gave it a shot, in the hardest place to avoid a hangover, and the one now synonymous with the word: VEGAS.

The weekend before Thanksgiving my business partners and I took a trip to Vegas with our girlfriends, and to be honest after a long football season my liver was dreading it.  Then I saw that Zach had finally released his product into stores.  I was there for 3 nights, so 6 Life Supports were picked up for the girlfriend and I so we could put this thing to the ultimate test.  Some people may think, “Oh you went to Vegas with your girlfriend, no way you partied that hard.”  Wrong, you don’t know our girlfriends.  We hit bars during the day, watched the Buckeyes beat Wisconsin in a battling piano bar and gambled till the sun rose.  Every night before we’d leave the room for the final time I’d put a bottle of Life Support on each nightstand.  Come home at the end of the nig… errr in the morning and drink it, then head to bed.  To say I was skeptical was putting it mildly, it is Vegas after all.

After the first night, I was beginning to be a believer.  Sure I was tired when I woke up 4-5 hours later, but this thing isn’t an energy drink, so I kept that in mind.  Then I’m thinking, “man I feel good.”  I ask Asa, (who I literally had to peal off the bathroom floor in the middle of the night) she confirms, no hangover. “Mimosas and waffles ASAP,” she said.  Then I think, “OK, no way it keeps working.”  Wrong again.  Every night we’d go out, partying, drinking overpriced vodka and straight shots of whatever was handed to us.  I got to see The Eagles live, which was amazing, and you bet your ass I had whiskey during that one.  And every night Life Support would come through.  I honestly could not believe it was actually working this well, and to say I’m an advocate is the understatement of the year.

From now on, $5 a night is a solid investment to be able to wake up and function completely normal the next day.  Hop on their website here, check out the research behind the product and online orders will be able to be taken next week. Consider this thing a night-life necessity, not an option, as you won’t regret it.  It’s available at a ton of gas stations in the campus area including the Shell on Lane and High, as well as the 14-0 stores.  Give it a shot, as the worst thing that happens is you wake up hungover, but that was already in the plans wasn’t it?

So grab some stocking stuffers or easy gifts for friends, trust me they’ll appreciate it.  If you have questions get at Zach on his Twitter account here, or tweet Life Support directly!


An amazing review of life support!! I really enjoyed specifications of this product and looking forward to use it for heavy effectiveness. Thanks.


Thanks so much from the entire Life Support team! Go Bucks!