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On December 5, 2012 by BuckeyeEmpire


Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Maggie Lane is an up and coming star in the fitness competition world.

While she has always been an athlete from a very young age, this is Maggie’s first year as a fitness competitor.  From the age of 2 Maggie has been involved in all sorts of athletics, from tennis to swimming, eventually leading into gymnastics.  Her love for gymnastics and swimming eventually combined to lead her to into becoming a very well accomplished diver.  Receiving a Division 1 scholarship from Pepperdine University in Malibu, Maggie moved to California for college.  There, Maggie also excelled in the opera program, receiving a music scholarship which allowed her to focus on developing her skills as a lyric coloratura soprano. After Pepperdine, Maggie moved to San Francisco to attend graduate school at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. She has performed in operas all over California and in Europe. Maggie is currently working on her album in hopes to release it in the spring of 2013.

I got in a quick Q & A with the singer/diver/fitness….err… and most important BUCKEYE, Maggie Lane.

BE: So you went to grad school to become a “lyric coloratura soprano.”  Exactly what is a lyric coloratura soprano?
ML: It’s a classical singer, mainly operatic, that has a sizable voice that can do ornamented passages, leaps and runs. 
BE:  Well then… that explains it.  You’ve traveled around for it, where is the coolest place you’ve belted out some notes?
ML: My favorite places to sing some tunes was in Rome, Italy and Salzburg, Austria. I love traveling to Europe! Everywhere you walk, there is music to be heard and something to be seen! 
BE: Well, I’d have to say I’m jealous.  So all singing, or while you’re traveling to these cool places, did you get to do anything awesomely fun in your travels?
ML: Being over there and singing in these really old European cathedrals, squares and theaters was definitely an awesomely fun experience! haha.  The architecture, acoustics, and ambiance was incredible. I saw some very strange plays in Prague and eccentric operas in Germany; you know, stuff that only plays in Europe. I was actually shocked to see children in the audience!  Something cool sports related is that I did watch a “futbol” game while I was in Spain.  That was pretty awesome actually! It was Argentina versus Real Madrid; but watching Real Madrid doesn’t even close to watching the Buckeyes! Gotta stay true to Brutus and the men in scarlet and gray! Go bucks! 
BE: I’ll never argue with that statement.  So now that you train your body as much as (or more than) your voice, what is the hardest part in juggling these two disciplines?
ML: Making time and finding balance. But sometimes, late at night when no one is lingering, looking or listening, I’ll sing while doing cardio in the spin room, Ha! When I was traveling, I’d sing on the elliptical; it really gets your heart rate up and makes it easier to sing the challenging passages. And gyms usually have the best acoustics, so I can’t resist! Usually, I’m the only one in there. But sometimes when I’m not alone, singing is actually not necessary. I just have to listen to or look at the music, and is just as effective as singing it. I wish cardio were the same in aspect, haha. But the two disciplines are one in the same the sense that I have to fit in when I can. So, I’m pretty creative with creating time. 
BE:  Singing, on a treadmill, sounds a bit miserable… Does the diet of being a competitive fitness model ever make you just want to eat an entire pizza?

ML: Haha…sometimes I DO eat an entire pizza! I haven’t tried that in a while, but I wouldn’t put it past me. I love a crispy flat bread with TONS of cheese, yum! If it has pepperoni, mushrooms and olives, I’m all in! And don’t forget about Donato’s Pizza. I LOVE their Hawaiian (it’s the only place I’ve found that has cinnamon on it!). Put that in front of me and turn on the Buckeyes, and I’m in heaven!  ….Uh oh, you asked a competitor about food… But, I actually love my diet and the food on it. You can get pretty creative with the spices!  

BE:  Seems most everyone involved in fitness has a secret love for food.  Ok, so you were born and raised a Buckeye, do you have any game day traditions?  Say like my buddy who has to have 6 beers before kickoff?
ML:  I love tradition! My mom and I make the game day food and the buckeye candies, while she sings ALL the buckeye songs. I laugh, she sings, and then she sings some more; it’s pretty funny! We all dress up in our scarlet and gray, my mom and I wear the buckeye necklaces while my dad and brother are dressed to the nines in the gear!  
BE:  Final Question, we went 12-0 this year… what’s your prediction for next?
ML: That’s simple!  12-0 next year!!! 
I asked my brother this question, and he returned with an essay. So, I’ll sum up with he said. “Considering the big 10 is pretty weak, we drop Michigan State and Nebraska, and add Iowa and Northwestern our hardest games will be (in this order): Michigan, Wisconsin and Cal.  Returning more than half the starters on both sides, our key players are Braxton, Hyde, Roby and Hankins (if he says). Also, our offensive team will continue to dominate. We bring in a top ten recruiting class filled with talent, it’s sure to be a winning team!”
And that’s why I said what I said; ha! 12-0. We’ll win! 
BE:   I like your brother’s thoughts on the matter, very well put!  Haha I may be emailing your brother seeing if he wants to write some stuff! Go Bucks!
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