Empire Q&A: Jamarco Jones

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2014 4-Star OL Jamarco Jones

2014 4-Star OL Jamarco Jones


In Buckeye Empire’s latest Q&A, I spoke with the 2014 4-star, 6-5 285-pound OT Jamarco Jones out of De La Salle Institute (Chicago, IL).  According to 247sports.com, Jamarco has a 96 overall rating, is ranked the 47th best overall player in the country, the 4th best defensive tackle in the country, and the 2nd best overall player in his home state of Illinois.  Get to know this stud 2014 recruit here:

ZC: How’d your junior season at De La Salle go?


JJ: It was good from a personal standpoint.  As a team, it wasn’t good and pretty upsetting.  We had a good opportunity to make the playoffs, but didn’t end up making it.


ZC: What’s your favorite part about playing offensive tackle?  Do you play any defense for De La Salle?


JJ: I like to dominate my opponent, pancaking them and driving them against their will.  I played a little defense this year on the defensive line, next year I’ll play more.


ZC: What part of your game do you need to work on the most?  What is your biggest strength?


JJ: I need to work on my hand placement and coming out of my stance faster.  My biggest strengths are my foot speed, agility, and ability to block quick defensive players.  I’m able to block pass rushers and reach block pretty effectively.


ZC: Let’s get into your recruitment now.  What are the main schools recruiting you currently?  Which coaching staffs do you have the best relationships with?


JJ: All the schools who have offered me are recruiting me pretty evenly [Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Mississippi State, Nebraska, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Ole Miss, Purdue, Toledo, Vanderbilt, Wisconsin].  I’d say I have the best relationships with Ohio State, Michigan State, Michigan… I have great relationships with all the schools recruiting me.


ZC: What do you like about Ohio State?


JJ: The one thing I love is the great tradition.  It’s also a great academic institution.  The coaching staff and Coach [Urban] Meyer are amazing as well.  I get good vibes, and game day was a cool experience when I visited.


ZC: Who is the main coach from Ohio State recruiting you?  How often do you speak, and who else do you speak with from Ohio State?  


JJ: Coach [Mike] Vrabel is the main coach I speak with.  I have also talked with Coach [Ed] Warriner.  Coach Vrabel and I talk about once every week or two.


ZC: What do you and the coaching staff talk about? 


JJ: Coach Vrabel asks me how school’s going, about football, Ohio State, and what things to improve on.


ZC: What have been your best college visits so far?  Do you plan on visiting Ohio State again or attending one of their camps?


JJ: All of my college visits have been amazing experiences and really showed me what each school had to offer.  I’ll be back at Ohio State for their Junior Day on February 9th & 10th.


ZC: How do you deal with the pressure of the recruiting process and being such a highly touted recruit? 


JJ: I try to stay levelheaded and not let the attention get to me.  I focus on school, and it’s impossible to ignore all the attention, but I keep things in perspective.


ZC: Do you speak with any other top recruits in the 2014 class?  Do you try to recruit anyone to go play with you in college? 


JJ: I am a part of Core 6 Athletes, so I speak with some guys also involved in that.  My teammate Mikale [Wilbon] and I talk a lot about where we are going to play in college, but I don’t think one of our choices will affect the other’s.


ZC: Did you get a chance to watch the Buckeyes this past season?  Which players did you like watching the best? 


JJ: Yes, I did.  I really enjoyed watching the whole offensive line work together, and Braxton [Miller] was a very exciting player.  On the defensive line, John Simon was very impressive.


ZC: Who’s the best high school player you’ve played against or with? 


JJ: Mikale for sure.  Also, my teammate Aaron Roberts.


ZC: Do you plan on attending any Ohio State games in this upcoming season? 


JJ: Yes.  I’ll have to figure out exactly what game(s) when it gets closer to the season.





Role Models: My mom and my Grandfather.

Best Subject in School: History.

Hobbies: Sports, basketball, football, hanging out with friends.

Movies: The Harry Potter series.

TV Shows: Sportscenter.

Favorite Sports Teams: I’m a big Lebron fan, so I follow the Miami Heat.  For the NFL, I like the 49ers.





Thanks to Jamarco for a great interview and taking the time to give Buckeye nation a chance to get to know you.  Good luck in the recruiting process and your senior season!




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