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Here at Buckeye Empire we love the babes, so why not feature the babe blowing up search engines faster than A.J. McCarron’s girlfriend?  Lennay Kekua, a former Stanford student, lost her life to leukemia in order to evade drug lords that run rampant on that university’s campus.  She was so beautiful, with a single soulful gaze she captivated one of the most well known college linebackers in the country, Manti Te’o.  Their relationship blossomed into a three year long sext-fest that included no pictures, Skype sessions, or video messages. Manti, the consummate professional when it comes to his football career, was rarely *cough-never* there for her in person.  After a car wreck that happened in either late 2011, January 2012, or April of 2012 (possibly three wrecks, asshole) Manti did not visit her in the hospital, his devotion to his football team showing his true character.  Then, when diagnosed with leukemia after entering the witness protection program, Manti was busy running a publicity campaign to be the most average player to be runner-up in the Heisman race.

Manti Te'o & Lennay Kekua

Here you can see Manti and Lennay vacationing in Hawaii one of the two Christmases (tragically, her digital battery life ended before their third) they spent together.  Lennay, in the spirit of the holiday, wearing a Santa hat and Christmas bow, while Manti, the over-committed and over-rated linebacker, refuses to take any time off from practice.  Luckily for Lennay, she’s also a huge Buckeye Empire fan, so we sent her a shirt, and she sent us some great pictures!

Lennay Kekua Stanford

Here she is in front of the Stanford Student Union.  Beautiful all over if I do say so myself.

Lennay Kekua Stanford 2

Here she is showing Buckeye Empire spirit outside of Okada Dorm at Stanford, where another fake Stanford student lived.

Lennay Kekua Stanford Notre Dame

Finally here she is grabbing a quick selfie waiting for Manti in the Notre Dame locker room after a game.

diane o'meara

Her twin sister, Diane O’Meara, has been silent about the tragic events until today.  On the ‘Today’ Show she expressed that she had never known her twin sister as they were separated at birth, possibly by the very drug lords hunting down poor Lennay.  The story continues…

It pains me that such a great person’s fake existence had to end, may her good spirit, and gentle voice live forever in this post.

RIP Lennay Kekua

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That is one hot babe. So, I guess they did meet in Hawaii, eh? The face looks familiar, but I can't place it.. Well done, Ryan, well done.


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