Buckeyes and Wolverines Join Forces to Troll

On January 24, 2013 by Buckeye Empire

Michigan Troll

On Wednesday, one of the most incredible Twitter trollings ever took place in the Twittersphere. A man named Bronko was trolled almost continually by Buckeyes and Wolverines alike.

Some background on Mr. Bronko: he claims to be a Michigan graduate and alumnus, but judging by his ignorance and incapability of proper grammar, I wouldn’t believe it. He also claims that it is his phone keyboard that forces him to sound ignorant, another doubt I have in his story. Bronko has been suspended from many other Twitter handles for his unceasing ignorance, and yet always finds a way to come back into the Twitterverse and spew ignorance like lava.

Bronko, as he call himself, now operates under the Twitter handle @GoBlue_Bronko and continues to amass a massive following. This massive following, (no, not followers, he only has around 30 followers… following), has been created thanks to his less than stellar grammar and his extreme hatred for “Ohio” trolls.


Wednesday night, Buckeyes and Wolverines made a rare exception to join forces and troll this Bronko to yet another Twitter suspension. All sorts of Buckeye and Wolverine accounts took this Bronko’s “avi”, avatar for all of you non-Twitter people, and made it their own. Started by a Wolverine, namely @CLEWolverine on Twitter (give him a follow), this taking of the above avatar was an ingenious idea, one that a Buckeye probably should’ve come up with. There were various pictures taken of people’s timelines (I’m not explaining the timeline concept to you Twitterless folk), all of which contained pictures of the Bronko avi in consecutive tweets from different users. It was truly an epic trolling, one of the finest I’ve ever seen. People that aren’t necessarily involved in Buckeye Nation were even impressed by the trolling that occurred. The trolling continues today with numerous people taking every tweet of Mr. Bronko’s and making some sort of joke or remark about it.

Wolverine Troll

Unfortunately, Mr. Bronko isn’t what all Michigan fans are like, it would be too easy if they were, and I’m sure there are Buckeye fans who are more alike Mr. Bronko than we would like to think. The point is that, the Twittersphere often showcases some of the constant rivalry between Ohio State and Michigan. There are many people who go back and forth at an almost constant pace about recruits, teams, games and so forth, and can often get a bit violent. What Bronko teaches us, however, is that there is a line of ignorance that one cannot cross. Sure, we can get angry and the rivalry can live on in the Twitter-world, but at the end of the day both Buckeyes and Wolverines alike can recognize that a certain level of ignorance is just too much. Unfortunately, Mr. Bronko has crossed that line, and will most likely cross it again.


We will see whether or not he gets another Twitter account suspended, but in the meantime we can “laugh” at the ignorance coming from @GoBlue_Bronko. The best part is we can laugh as people, not as Buckeyes and Wolverines.

It may seem like if I don’t hate Michigan from this piece; that is entirely false.

Go Buckeyes!

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