Game 9 Preview: Cornhuskers.

On February 1, 2013 by Buckeye Empire


     Well Buckeye Nation that was a pretty impressive victory on Tuesday night in my eyes. The Buckeyes played through the adversity of being behind for most of the game, and toughed it out and came away with a big victory. Wisconsin (14-7,5-3  Big Ten) was on fire from behind the line all game long and it seemed as if luck was on their side; with everything they threw up from behind the arc going in. The Buckeyes kept at it though coming up with a big 15-0 run in the second half. The team had a pretty good defensive effort as a team holding the Badgers below 50 points. Offensively I think the team still needs quite a bit of work. Yes, I know Wisconsin is a good defensive team but the offense still relies heavily on Deshaun Thomas who dropped 25 points, but the only other Buckeye who scored in double figures was Aaron Craft, who also led the team in rebounds. This has to stop if the Buckeyes plan on making a run come Tourney time. Although I was quite impressed with LaQuinton Ross he could be the answer for our offensive woes from the bench, hopefully he continues to see more and more minutes. I think that this win solidifies the thought that if we play our best we can play with the best in the Big Ten, and you can Deal With That Bo Ryan! Oh and I can’t forget to give a shout out to fellow Buckeye Empire member Hayden Grove for getting the Buckeye Empire Storm Trooper fathead on ESPN, that was pretty badass man. bo ryan


     Now looking ahead to Saturday’s game against the Nebraska Cornhuskers (11-11, 2-7), the Buckeyes should come away with a win against the lowly Cornhuskers. Tip-off is around 7:00 PM ET and will be on the Big Ten Network. After we almost beat them by 30 in the last meeting on January 2nd 70-44 in Columbus, I can see us beating them pretty soundly again this time around even though it is at the Bob Devaney Sports Center in Nebraska. The ‘Huskers have played in some tough games this year playing Wisconsin, Michigan State and Purdue losing by only a couple of possessions in each game. The Buckeyes need to be careful again here to not be caught looking ahead to the next game. If that happens I can see an upset in Lincoln.


Mully’s Keys to Victory

  1. Get Craft-y on Defense- I know this is a little repetitive but the tougher we play on defense the better we play on offense. Craft is going to have to play a good game against Ray Gallegos the guard from Nebraska he just dropped 30 points on #23 Minnesota (16-5,4-4 Big Ten).  
  2.  Don’t get caught looking: We have a big game coming up after this one and if the guys get caught looking the ‘Huskers are going to steal a win. Stay focused on the task at hand; don’t give the Cornhuskers any reason to think they can hang in the game.
  3. Roll Ross Roll!: Meaning get LaQuinton involved he could be our X-Factor for the rest of the season. If he starts to play well and gets more time he could come up big for us, as well as become that second scorer we’ve been looking for.


     This should be a pretty easy win for The Buckeyes as long as they play focused. I think this will end up being a blow out and we won’t need DT to drop 25 again to lead us to victory. Hopefully that happens but you never know what can happen on a road game, especially when you have a big rivalry game a few days away. So I am predicting a win, I just don’t see Coach Thad Matta allowing the players to get caught looking.  


     Which brings us to the next game, February 5th at 9:00 PM, the Buckeyes travel north to play That Team Up North, I will not mention their name because as a Buckeye it is sacrilegious to say it, because you will offend the All Mighty Wayne Woodrow “Woody” Hayes and you don’t want that. We knocked them off of that undefeated pedestal earlier this year so they will be looking for revenge. First TTUN must travel to Bloomington, Indiana to take on the 3rd ranked Indiana Hoosiers (19-2, 7-1 Big Ten). I want to see TTUN lose because I hate that team, but it would be fun to knock them out of that #1 ranking come Tuesday evening. Although a win for them in Bloomington would give them big momentum coming into the game against us, and we don’t want that. It will be hard enough playing in the revamped stadium. So Let hate week part 3 commence on Sunday for some fans but for fans like me hate week for TTUN lasts 52 weeks every single year.


Until next week Buckeye Nation, be safe, stay great and as always Muck Fichigan! And Good Luck to the Buckeyes playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday!