Michigan Loses to Penn State, The Appalachian State of Basketball

On February 27, 2013 by BuckeyeEmpire


Penn State, previously winless in conference play, beat the Sun & Blue on Wednesday night 84-78.  That’s right, they are now 1-14 in B1G play this year.  After the game the Penn State fans flooded the court, or at least half of it, as attendance was close to that of a Brady Hoke diet advice seminar.  Sure we like the B1G to do well as a conference, but we’ll never be sad about Michigan taking one on the chin from a university with a basketball team that is seemingly the equivalent of Appalachian State’s football team.

So from us, to you, Michigan…

 photo laughing2_zpsd7767519.gif



 photo laughing_zps550688c6.gif

Daria is apparently a Michigan fan

 photo darialaughing_zps7814db01.gif


Even those douchey Jonas brothers found it funny

 photo jonasbrotherslaughing_zps28d407d6.gif


Let’s be honest, Megan Fox was already laughing at you

 photo meganfoxlaughing_zps63db2616.gif


That guy who’s not Jason Bourne even got a chuckle in

 photo notJasonBourne_zps7a06fccd.gif


[insert time] Michigan still sucks

Embrace The Hate


ohio is full of inbred losers with double digit IQ's. It is hilarious.


haha thanks "BuckNut." We'll be sure to add that to the list of creative insults Michigan fans are full of.


One helluva game last night. Let's hope the Bucks play a bit more focused tonight. Congratulations to PSU for getting their 1st conference win.