Elite Eight!

On March 29, 2013 by Buckeye Empire

laquinton ross game winner


HOLY HELL, that game last night was insane! LaQuinton Ross was a BOSS last night hitting that game winner, I jumped out of my chair and spilled Oberon on myself because of it and I wasn’t mad about it at all. Although, that first half was one that I was not happy with the way the boys played or the officiating. But the second half the team that we know and love showed up, with playing great defense and getting buckets, the officiating was still pretty bad. Craft was able to get to the rim with ease and he would end up on the floor because of the contact from Arizona. I was getting pissed and from what I saw on Twitter everyone was upset because of that. Especially when the refs gave Arizona an extra timeout to review that it was a three pointer, LQR was 5 feet behind the line! That should never have been reviewed, and I was going to be pissed if they would have tied the game. I possibly would have flipped some tables at Buffalo Barbecue Wings (rip-off of Buffalo Wild Wings). After picking up two fouls in the first 12 minutes of the game Aaron Craft had to sit and that’s when things looked bad for the Buckeyes going down 10 points. Then Coach Thad Matta had to make a decision bring Craft back out or let him sit with those fouls and he made the right decision, because Craft ignited this team to go on a big run that extended through to the second half.

That run sparked the Buckeyes and propelled them on to victory and I couldn’t be prouder to be a Buckeye fan, they faced adversity being down 10 and without their leader, due to foul trouble. They came back and everyone played extremely well. Sam Thompson has been outstanding during this run because of his improved perimeter shooting, and he has been a reliable scorer for the Buckeyes. As magical as the last two games have been THANK YOU AARON AND LAQUINTON! The boys have to stay focused on the next opponent before they can think about making a return trip to the Final Four in Hotlanta.

Next up the Shockers of Wichita State, and the Buckeyes will get to see a familiar face. One of Wichita State’s assistant coaches is Devon Smith who played and was a part of the coaching staff for the Buckeyes and he was a back up to Scoonie Penn. So we thank you Devon for your service but we do not want you to succeed on Saturday. The game is at 7:05 and it will be on CBS so we won’t have to listen to Reggie Miller thank you baby Jesus for that. This is going to be a tough test for the Buckeyes this team has been underestimated all tournament long, I knew they could make a run because of the way they play. From what I have seen they like to pick the pace up and spread the floor and they are quick. Especially Malcolm Armstead his matchup with Craft will be one to watch. He likes to drive to the rim and either kick it out or take it to you. Another guy our boys need to look out for is Cleanthony Early he needs to be the one Ohio State shuts down.  



Mully’s Keys to VICTORY!

Craft-tastic D! – His intensity and just his presence has sparked this team to play better defense and that was evident last night with him coming back into the game. The boys need to keep the defense up and bottle up Armstead and Cleanthony.

Be Aggressive! – The boys need to stay aggressive on offense again I liked LQR taking his man to the rim as well as Craft they need to keep doing this and keep getting quality looks on offense. This mentality also draws fouls on the other team that helps out as well.

Windex! – This team has been letting teams get too many second chance points that should not be given. That falls on the team not being able to rebound how can you continue to win if you keep allowing teams second chance opportunities? This needs to change especially against the Shockers.


This team has given me hope that we can win this thing but they have to stay focused and if they can’t they will be coming back to Columbus. None of us want to see that. This should be a victory for the Buckeyes because of the momentum that we are riding right now but they can’t keep letting games come down to the last second one because anything can happen and two they are going to make me have a heart attack. Prediction Buckeyes win and we head to Hotlanta and take on the winner of the Midwest region.


Until next week Buckeye Nation, keep #EmbracingTheHate and stay safe this weekend.


Oh and as always MUCK FICHIGAN!