Happy Anniversary Michigan

On April 5, 2013 by Buckeye Humor

This weekend Michigan fans will take every opportunity to shove the fact that their team is in the Final Four and yours isn’t.  Think you don’t have a comeback?  Wrong!  Twenty years ago today the world witnessed the biggest bonehead play in NCAA tournament history.  Jalen Rose and the rest of Webber’s “Fab Five” teammates are still haunted by the nightmare of him sprinting down court (after his uncalled travel) and signalling for a timeout that Michigan did not have.  That timeout cost Michigan a shot at winning a National Championship.  Webber was considered a terrific talent but in Michigan he is less respected than Brady Hoke giving weight loss tips at  a Jenny Craig meeting.  This year’s Wolverines have an opportunity to erase that nasty stain in their sheets.  The 2013 Michigan basketball team will play in their first Final Four game since they were “Webbered”.  We would have our money on Trey Burke to relive the timeout this weekend but he’s from Columbus and it takes someone from Michigan to do something that stupid.  We have our money on Jordan Morgan, Michigan born and raised.  So this weekend only, instead of giving Michigan fans the middle finger and directions to the nearest Walmart give them the timeout…and then directions to the nearest Walmart.