Top 10: Consumer’s guide to OSU products

On April 24, 2013 by Buckeye Empire
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Top 10: Consumer’s guide to OSU products

Let’s pretend it’s May. It’s a Saturday or Sunday. You’re driving through town with the windows down and you’re wondering what to do on a glorious spring day with your family. Maybe you should go to Easton and shop outside or go to Polaris and shop inside. Whatever you choose, if you’re anything like me, devoted to EVERYTHING Ohio State, you will choose your next move wisely. And for me, that decision is usually based on the ties or foundation of each business.

For example, I always choose Barnes & Noble over Borders simply because the latter originated in Ann Arbor (although it is now bankrupt). Also, I like listening to Bob Seger, but can’t bring myself to go to his concert since he grew up in the devil’s playground, Ann Arbor, Michigan. The same also applies to Domino’s pizza, especially since the athletic director was previously the head dough tosser there.

This may seem fanatic to some, but to we Buckeyes it is merely a necessary way to support fellow Scarlet and Grayers. So, to ensure constant support for all of us, I have created a consumer’s guide for Ohio State fans. Enjoy.

10. Shopping
(a) Macy’s/Bloomingdale’s– While at the mall, stop at Macy’s and/or Bloomingdale’s. What’s the connection? Fred Lazarus, who briefly attended OSU, started the Federated Department Stores brand, later Macy’s, that also acquired Bloomingdale’s along the way.

(b) Limited Brands– Almost all Buckeyes know this one, but many don’t know the true size of the shadow that OSU alumnus Les Wexner’s company casts. It owns Bath & Body Works, Victoria’s Secret, Pink, and other brands. They control 2,600 stores in the U.S., and sold around $10.4 billion in 2011 according to their website. Needless to say, that is good news for OSU, as the Wexner name can be seen throughout campus due to those impressive sales numbers.

9. Household Maintenance
(a) Windex/Drano– While you’re shopping, you remember that the in-laws are coming to town this weekend. Therefore, the house must be spotless to avoid that dreaded interrogation about the upkeep of the place. To help here, grab some Windex for the windows and Drano for the sink. Windex was created by Harry Drackett, and Drano was later made by his family company. He later sold it, but made plenty of dough before that. The name should ring a bell with fellow students and alumni, as there is a Drackett tower on campus.

(b) Sakrete– For the outdoor maintenance of the home, put in that fencepost with some Sakrete. Arthur Avril founded the company in the 1920s after graduating from OSU, ran it until he died at 95 years young, and the company currently sells over 100 million units a year. That’s the Buckeye work ethic we can all be proud to claim.

8. Pet Food
Iams– While you’re shopping for the house, don’t forget about Fluffy at home. To feed him, grab some Iams pet food. Paul Iams, an OSU grad in the 1930s, founded the company eight years after graduation and it’s been a mainstay in the field ever since.

7. Misc. Gifts
Longaberger– Just before leaving the mall, you remember that your aunt’s cousin twice removed (or something like that) has a baby shower coming up. You could care less, but the family will be upset if you don’t go. So, grab some Longaberger basket gifts to take. The CEO, Tami Longaberger, is a VERY distinguished OSU graduate. Her list of accomplishments is too long to list in this article, but they include: former member and chair of the OSU Board of Trustees, receiving the Distinguished Service Award from the University, member of the Ohio Women’s Hall of Fame, and former chair of the National Women’s Business Council (appointed by the President of the United States himself). Needless to say, she’s made all of our fellow alumni proud.

6. Dinery
LongHorn Steakhouse– Bologna and cheese won’t cut it today, so if you want a great meal before going home, stop at LongHorn Steakhouse. George McKerrow Jr., another OSU grad (see a theme here?), opened the first one. He also opened Ted’s Montana Grill, with someone you may know by the name of Ted Turner, if you want to try that as well. This guy apparently knows what he’s doing.

5. Music
(a) John Legend– After researching, many places reported that Lil Jon had graduated from OSU. Apparently that’s not true, as he said on Twitter! Anyway, John Legend is a HUGE Buckeye, and makes no secret of it. As he told ESPN in an interview, and showed in the picture for the article, he has Buckeye leaves all over his piano in his home. So if you’re looking for a Buckeye artist in the mainstream, check him out.

(b) O.A.R. – Obviously, as most know, they were students at OSU and routinely come back to perform, and party. I bet there were a few crazy games of poker in their time in Columbus.

4. Television
(a) Ed Sabol– Now you’re finally back home. Time to relax. For me, few things are better on television than the old NFL films videos. Historic clips with Vince Lombardi screaming “What the hell is going on out there?” and (former Buckeye) Jim Marshall running the wrong way for a safety is still great entertainment. We can all thank Buckeye alum Ed Sabol for that. Most know his son Steve as the host of most of those shows, but it was Ed who started the company.

(b) Patricia Heaton– If that doesn’t strike you, there’s always Everybody Loves Raymond to watch on loop on just about every channel available. Heaton graduated from OSU and plays Ray’s wife, Debra.

3. Reading
(a) R.L. Stine– After relaxing with some visual stimulation, it may be time for some light reading. The go-to text would be the Goosebumps series. Yes it may be for adolescents, but given the intellect Stine gained while contemplating life on the bench by Mirror Lake (probably), the creativity will carry you through.

(b) Hugh Fullerton– If historical/non-fiction/journalism is more of your genre, than every Buckeye fan should know this writer. He was a prestigious journalist in Chicago during the “Black Sox Scandal,” and was credited with writing the accounts that led to the eventual finding of a fix in the 1919 Series. After leaving OSU, Fullerton was credited as being the first sports writer to use player quotes in his stories/human interest pieces of players.

2. Cookware
Teflon– Remember, nothing keeps a home together like great family dinners. After a great day outside and relaxation inside, it’s time to eat. Good news is, you probably already have some OSU flavor to your pots and pans. Roy Plunkett, after getting his Ph.D at OSU, discovered Teflon by accident. He championed the product into production after that, making it one of the key finds in the industrial world. Nowadays, it is a vital ingredient in cookware in homes, and in industrial products for manufacturing.

1. Internet Quests
Wikipedia– Right before bed on this OSU filled day of consumerism, you check the internet to see who else is connected to your beloved Buckeyes. One place to start your search would be Wikipedia, and that would also contain a connection to all friends in the OSU circle. Larry Sanger received his Ph.D. on campus and later helped start this internet sensation. He was later critical of the site, (ironically you can read about this ON Wikipedia), due to their lack of credibility with contemporary articles. As a writer, I can tell you he’s right there. But it is a great source for proper references for research, and for that we appreciate his know-how and vision.