Ohio State Player Profile: Devan Bogard

On May 27, 2013 by BuckeyeEmpire


via ohiostatebuckeyes.comIf there is one thing we have seen a lot of in sports lately, it’s that players coming off of knee injuries can have recoveries that range from miraculous to monotonous.  Guys like Adrian Peterson can come back quickly and look better than ever, nearly setting records and winning MVP awards.  Guys like Derrick Rose can struggle beyond the physical hurdles, and not recover quickly enough mentally to come back in almost twice the amount of time.  One of Ohio State‘s rising stars, Devan Bogard, suffered an ACL injury towards the end of last year, that while not hurting last year’s season, possibly hurt the secondary this year.

Love him. He’s one of my favorite guys on the team.  Top five guy on the team, Devan Bogard. – Urban Meyer after Bogard’s injury last season.

Bogard was a heralded recruit out of the prominently known Cleveland Glenville “Buckeye production line” High School.  Most known for producing the likes of Troy Smith and Ted Ginn Jr., Glenville has brought a multitude of talents to both the Ohio State offense and defense throughout the years.  Bogard was set to be one of those talents.

For those who don’t know, tearing an ACL is worse than breaking about any bone in the human body.  The recovery can go multiple ways, and Bogard looks to make quick work of getting back on the field as a big contributor to Ohio State’s defense.

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Last season’s injury wasn’t the biggest disappointment in Bogard’s year.  His older brother, Ramone Ashby, died of bone marrow cancer.

“[His death] motivated me,” Bogard said. “It lifted me — a lot. He’s my motivation every day. Every time I wake up, I’m about to go to practice and I put on my shoulder pads and helmet, I think about my brother. I’ve got to do it for him.” – Devan Bogard via Ohio.com

This loss not only appeared to motivate Devan, but it took his already top-notch work ethic to another level.  With feelings that only a select few know, Bogard quickly rose up the list of names mentioned by Urban Meyer when it came to his new freshman class.

Bogard was the first freshman to have his now-famous “black stripe” removed from his helmet.  This stripe, applied to the helmets of incoming freshman, represents their coming of age to becoming a true Buckeye.  Being the first in his class, Urban’s first class, was quite the accomplishment.

“If we could go out and recruit a hundred Bogards, life would be pretty good around here.” -Urban Meyer via Cleveland.com

Those are high words of praise from a guy who has recruited some of the best players in the last decade or so in college football.  Although not ready to play during the Spring Game, Bogard continues to make progress with his recovery.  It’s clear that he is one of the hardest working guys on the team, which should help him get back to 100% quicker than most.  With everything this young man has gone through so early in his life, it’s clear to see that with things put in perspective, this is a small speed bump in what is sure to be a bright career as an Ohio State Buckeye, and likely beyond.