How Firm Thy Friendship

On June 5, 2013 by Chris Holloway

Ohio State President E. Gordon Gee announced his retirement yesterday, effective July 1st.

Gordon Gee was probably the best Ohio State President in recent memory, a fundraising machine. But he never let his lofty position as one of the nation’s top paid college administrators overshadow his deep caring for the students over which he presided. Those students took to Twitter to express their reciprocal feelings for the bow-tie aficionado.








Then came the Ohio State Football team (current and former) and their gushing of support for Dr. Gee:






Not to be left out, the Football Staff had their own well wishes for the retiring President.


You can tell from these tweets that President Gee was well loved and well respected amongst the University. From regular students to student athletes to the coaches, almost everyone had a tear to shed or a nice word to say about The Man In The Bowtie.
He’ll be gone as the University President in less than a month, but that won’t keep those loyal and faithful to Ohio State from remembering him how he was and how he made them feel as though he was there for them. For that, we’ll always


Buckeye Mike
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Great write up Chris. Dr. Gee will be missed by the whole Buckeye family.

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Gee is the man.  He has touched so many people on a personal level, whether it be through speeches or just at a random Buckeye function.  This man did far more for the university than raise nearly $2 Billion.  He was part of the University, part of the family.  Maybe when he spoke he thought he was speaking in that kind of an environment, making jokes that are seen by the few as inappropriate.  That few, it seems, has become loud enough through social media to sway the many, who seemingly don't care, into making decisions to try and make "everyone" happy.