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On June 6, 2013 by Buckeye Empire

Ryan Shazier” I think that we still have a chip on our shoulders, because we feel we had a really good year last year and everybody wants to show the world what we really can do and how far we really can go.” -Ryan Shazier

That is the way Ryan Shazier and the 2013 Ohio State Buckeyes will have to approach the season if we are going to have the kind of year that meets the expectations of the coaches, players, and the Buckeye Nation as a whole. Shazier has had that chip on his shoulder for the last two years, and hopefully it isn’t going anywhere.

Shazier is a junior linebacker from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. If Ohio State is going to have a shot to do all the things we hope they will-(win the national title, slay the SEC dragon, kick the crap out of *ichigan)- Ryan will have to be a part of that. In Noah Spence, we have dominant defensive line play. In Bradley Roby, we have excellent defensive backfield play. Ryan Shazier has to be the man at linebacker. We have great talent defensively, but we will be relatively inexperienced overall. Shazier is young, he is only a junior, but he already has two full seasons of experience to his credit.

Shazier came to the Buckeyes in 2011 from Plantation High School . He was a part of the 2010 class that would be Jim Tressel’s last. Ryan played his Freshman year in 2011 and although the season was a disappointment, Shazier was impressive from the start.

Shazier played in all 13 games as a Freshman in 2011. He had 57 tackles, 4 more than John Simon that season. 37 tackles were solos and 5 tackles were for loss. Shazier was a freshman force, as he blocked a kick and forced 2 fumbles. His biggest individual effort of the year was recording 15 tackles in a home loss against Penn State.

He was a beast against the Nittany’s and this was just a sign of good thing’s to come. After the hiring of Urban Meyer, Shazier would announce his presence in 2012 with authority. Check out the match in the circle drill where Shazier as a rising sophomore bullies Etienne Sabino around the circle.

In 2012, had an awesome season. He doubled his tackles over his freshman year. He had 115 tackles, 70 solo’s. He accumulated 5 sacks. His pass defense improved tremendously, as he intercepted a pass and broke up 11. This kid tackles like Bobby Bouche’ after someone insulted his mother. He was involved in 14 tackles against Illinois. He had thirteen tackles against Cal and UAB and twelve tackles against Purdue and Wisconsin.  He was twice named player of the week in the 2012 season. In other words, Ryan Shazier is a beast.

Shazier’s 2012 highlight real on You-Tube is a five minute and sixteen second tribute to pain.

In one of the great travesties of the 2012 season, despite having over one hundred tackles, Shazier was only voted to the second team for the Big Ten Conference. That should put a big chip on this young man’s shoulder.

Shazier didn’t play in the 2013 Spring Football Game in Cincinnati. His father tweeted on the day of the game that he wanted to play but was only about 80%. The coaching staff correctly decided to leave him out of the action.

Shazier did enough good things in 2012 to be named to Phil Steele’s all big 10 team.  He is also on the watch list for the Lott impact trophy.

Ryan Shazier is already being looked at as a draft pick after the 2013 season and there is fifty/fifty chance that Ryan will move on to play Sunday football after the season is over.  He is ranked #21 on the early NFL Draft big board . A big season in Columbus in 2013 and this young man will go pro. If a national championship is part of his legacy, that is a good thing.  Indeed, that would be a very good thing.


This dude, he's a good football player. 

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Gotta love it when a team that went undefeated last year still feels they have a chip on their shoulder!