Gordon Gee to Stay at Ohio State

On June 19, 2013 by Ryan


A report yesterday from The Lantern  stated that according to Gee’s contract he will remain a part of The Ohio State University for a further five years after his retirement.

His contract with the university states should Gee choose to retire before the end of his term, which was due to last at least ten years beginning in 2007, he will be granted “the permanent status of President Emeritus, with an appropriate stipend, secretary and office for a period of five years.

-the lantern

In essence, his very retirement may have been the thing that actually allowed him to keep a job at Ohio State.

If there’s one thing that can be said about Gee’s tenure as president of Ohio State it’s that he brought in a LOT of money.  Close to $2billion raised, he has a knack for getting people to invest in the ever growing university.

I am leaving the presidency, I’m not leaving the university,” Gee said at a June 5 press conference. “I intend on being a very active participant. In fact, in many ways, I can be a much more engaged fundraiser on behalf of the university in my new role because of the fact that I’ll have more time.

-Gordon Gee via the lantern

Personally I think this is a great thing for Ohio State.  I’ve always been against his resignation due to comments, but this role may be the best of both worlds.