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On June 26, 2013 by Buckeye Empire

Boren FamilyThe Boren family has been making an impact at The Ohio State University for what seems like forever.

The story began way back in 2008 when an unhappy Justin Boren left the University of Michigan to join the Buckeyes. In doing so, Justin, unknowingly, created a Buckeye legacy and shocked just about everyone, including his father, a Michigan grad. Justin went on to some successful seasons at Ohio State, but, maybe more importantly, began a Boren family tradition: attending Ohio State.

Next in line was Zach Boren, the incredible fullback turned linebacker. His story is a brilliant one; one that will be touched on later in the Buckeye Empire summer series. Zach Boren, in 2012, became a part of Buckeye lore. His sacrifice will be touched upon for many, many years to come.

Zach, however, graduated this spring and is now beginning to realize his NFL dreams, meaning that The Boren Buckeye Trilogy is now in it’s final chapter, (for now): The Jacoby Chapter.

While he doesn’t have the high-profile that his two brothers came in with, Jacoby Boren still brings just as much as his brothers to the table for the Buckeyes.

Out of Pickerington Central High School, a school essentially run by the Boren family, Boren was a highly coveted recruit. He was ranked as the 37th ranked guard in the country by Rivals.com and was one of the top-ranked players in the Midwest.Jacoby Boren

As a player, Boren lead Pick Central to two Ohio State Championship appearances, both of which resulted in losses, as a two-way player. He garnered Division I First Team All-State honors from the AP in the process.

Once he got to Ohio State, Jacoby Boren proved to be an extremely gifted student. In just one year, Boren has excelled in the classroom, keeping a 3.96 GPA on a 4.0 scale. He is majoring in agricultural systems management and is, obviously, well on his way to success in that field. While his options are open, Boren may have a chance to play in the NFL, should he keep up his incredible work ethic.

Each winter, the Ohio State football program puts together two winter workout teams, in order to build strength, character, and bring in a competitive aspect to the workout environment. Each team had two captains to pick each team and Boren, the backup center, was picked first overall by CJ Barnett and Carlos Hyde.

This may be the strongest testament to Boren’s work ethic and character. Not only was Boren the first pick over all, but he was the first pick overall as a backup player. Needless to say, he is going to be special.

Boren’s actual playing-time on the football field has been shortened thanks to injury and spectacular play from starting center Corey Linsley. Linsley, as Urban Meyer has often said, made one of the biggest leaps on the team, in terms of overall attitude, and became a leader for the Buckeyes. Linsley will likely occupy the starting spot for as long as he is a Buckeye, but Boren will be ready to pave his way when Linsley leaves town.

Jacoby Boren HeadshotJacoby did get on the field some, however, as he took 14 snaps against Miami in the 2012 opener and a career-high 23 against the Illinois Illini at Ohio Stadium.

Overall, don’t look for Jacoby to contribute much on the field this season. That being said, Jacoby’s contributions are invaluable to this program. He’s a character guy who helps his fellow teammates follow suit. He is a leader who forces others to work hard in the classroom in addition to the weight room. I’m sure that Zach and Justin Boren are incredibly proud of their little brother, and are very aware of the off-the-field contributions he is making to this football team.

Jacoby Boren may be the best of the Boren family. Unfortunately, he may not get to prove it for a-whole-nother season.



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