Ohio State Player Profile: Kato Mitchell

On July 15, 2013 by Buckeye Empire
Photo Credit: Ohio State University

Photo Credit: Ohio State University

Ohio State walk-on wide receiver Kato Mitchell might not be the most household name on the team, but that does not diminish his status as a quality athlete and a quality member of the roster.

Mitchell was a consummate leader at John Hay High School in Cleveland, noted by his coaches as constantly being the first at workouts in the weight room and always available to younger players to help them learn the ropes of the game. Along with being a captain on the football team, he also participated in track, basketball, bowling and baseball. Yes you read that right. Hay is known for being a prominent academically motivated high school, where luxuries like football come second after school work. As a matter of fact, in order to be enrolled at the school you have to carry a 3.0 GPA, apply for admission and be interviewed by school leadership. Schools like that are impressive and refreshing in today’s world, where most national stories reluctantly mention athletic prowess if at all. In Mitchell’s case, his school work was a priority, and quite frankly is a subject that more outlets should spotlight.

Mitchell made the team last fall as a walk-on Freshman, impressively making the cut in Urban Meyer’s first year at the helm. It takes a good mix of talent, leadership and work ethic to impress Meyer, and obviously that is exactly what Mitchell did.

He has yet to see any game action, and it’s hard to say what his chances are of making a special teams unit before fall camp begins, but it’s clear why the staff would choose to keep him around to begin with. His focus on doing the right thing and keeping his priorities straight should not be a problem.

Any team could use a player like that, and you never hear how much people like him can positively rub-off on others. Let’s all be glad we have players like Mitchell around. You may not hear his name as often as others this season, but make no mistake, he’s there for a reason, and the important people in the program definitely know HIS importance. It’s time we all took notice of players like this as well.

Luke West
Luke West

Just saw Kato catch his first catch.  Could tell by the reaction on the sideline that he is a respected member of the team.  Congratulations young man.