Yahoo Sports Reporting Source Claims Video Shows Carlos Hyde Did Not Strike the Alleged Victim

On July 23, 2013 by BuckeyeEmpire


This “Embrace The Hate Moment” brought to you by us:

A Yahoo Sports story has information from a source stating that video from Sugar Bar 2 shows Carlos Hyde did not strike the victim in question.

Charges are not expected to be filed against Hyde after video from Sugar Bar 2 shows he didn’t appear to make contact with an alleged victim who claimed to have been assaulted early Saturday morning, a source who spoke to Yahoo! Sports on the condition of anonymity said. The source said video shows Hyde speaking in the direction of the alleged victim just prior to her punching him in the head. The video then shows Hyde leaving the area and reaching back in the woman’s direction in a non-confrontational manner, the source said.

This would be great news for the Buckeyes, not only for reasons of having our starting running back available, but also that it seems good judgement was made in leaving a potentially volatile situation by Hyde.  Clearly whatever situation he was in was escalating beyond where he was comfortable, and even after being struck he quickly left the situation.  We can ask only so much of college students, which would include staying out of situations that could be problematic, but our expectations must be realistic.  Guys are going to go to bars, we can’t ask them to give up their social life, but if a situation arrises similar to this, it appears as though Hyde did the right thing in walking away.

Also please note this is a report from a source, and it’s nothing official yet.