Report: Carlos Hyde to Avoid Charges, UPDATE: SUSPENDED 3 GAMES [VIDEO]

On July 30, 2013 by Chris Holloway

Ohio State University running back Hyde runs by Miami University defensive lineman Semmes during their NCAA football game in Columbus

10TV in Columbus reported just a few minutes ago that they had learned that Senior Running Back Carlos Hyde will not be charged for his role (whatever it may have been) in the now infamous Sugar Bar 2 altercation.

It has been reported that the accuser did not want to pursue charges, for reasons that are not immediately known. Speculation has been rampant that it may be related to the fact that she can be seen taking a swing at Hyde just before he allegedly struck her, which could have been a mitigating circumstance for the District Attorney. The accuser had just returned from vacation and was scheduled to make a public statement tomorrow, according to Kyle Rowland of Eleven Warriors.


The fact remains that Hyde may still be suspended by the team for his participation in the incident. My prediction is that he will miss at least part, if not all, of the season opener against Buffalo, as well as perhaps join Freshman Marcus Baugh on landscaping duty in the Buckeye Grove.

What do you think is appropriate punishment, given what we know? Sound off in the comments.


UPDATE: WTVN 610 has the video from the night and the incident in question. 


Skip ahead to the 3:00 minute mark unless you want to witness BRO’ing and awkward white girl twerking in all its Columbus glory.


UPDATE #2: Carlos Hyde suspended for “At least the first 3 games.”

Urban went as far as to say he will have to do other things in order to get back on the field.  I’d imagine those “other things” will not be fun, nor leave him full of energy or wanting to head to a bar anytime soon.

Billy Langdon
Billy Langdon

The video shows she threw the initial punch. Woman or not u throw a punch then u should expect to get hit back.

Leon Labadie
Leon Labadie

He'll probly just miss the that HUGE U. Of Buffalo game... Maybe the Cal game too!!

Stewart Peek
Stewart Peek

If he is on video slapping or hitting her I don't think he stays on team. Urban's policy on respecting women don't leave wiggle room. And it shouldn't.