Ohio State Player Profile: Devin Hill

On August 1, 2013 by Buckeye Empire

Photo courtesy of Ohiostatebuckeyes.com

Devin Hill attended high school in Columbus, at Northland High, where he was a classmate of Jared Sullinger. While in high school, Devin was primarily recognized as a linebacker, although he was able to play virtually anywhere on the field. He committed to Purdue his senior year and would eventually play as a full back. After redshirting in 2011 and earning no playing time in 2012, he decided to walk on at Ohio StateHill is described as an H-back and his versatility will do nothing but help him while in Columbus. He has the ability to play as a true running back, full-back, or tight end, although it is most likely that he ends up on special teams. With Ohio State’s lack of depth at linebacker, there is always a possibility that Hill could be asked to switch over to the defensive side of the ball being that he played linebacker in high school (see Zach Boren). Hill is listed on the Ohio State roster at 5’10”, 226 pounds.

Kerry Coombs will most likely be Hill’s primary position coach as it is a near certainty that he will at least start out on special teams. I generally root for the underdogs and I would love it if Devin Hill could make a contribution in his hometown. One thing that I always respected about Jim Tressel was the way he treated his players. He preferred to award walk-on players a scholarship instead of saving it for another blue-chip recruit. I can only hope that Urban Meyer does the same thing with the players who earn it.

I initially heard that the coaching staff was happy with the pickup of Devin Hill but I haven’t heard much recently. When he transferred to Ohio State, the reviews said that he was a tough kid who loves to compete. He sounds perfect for Coombs’ group of “piranhas”.