The Backup: ‘Keep Calm and Put Kenny G In The Game.’

On August 8, 2013 by Buckeye Empire

At some point in the 2013 season Braxton Miller will be taken out of the game.

Hopefully it only happens when the Buckeyes are leading big late in the game. However, we all know that at some point in the upcoming season, Braxton is going to have miss a series due to injury. It’s football, not a knitting class and people sometimes get hurt, it’s part of the game. When that happens the Buckeyes will turn to Kenny G. Not the middle aged jazz musician but Kenny Guiton.

Kenny Guiton has proven that he can run the offense. Tom Herman, Ohio State offensive coordinator has referred to Guiton as “the best backup quarterback in college football.”.

Courtesy of Buckeye Extra.

Courtesy of Buckeye Extra.

Kenny Guiton won the respect of Urban Meyer very early in the 2012 season. Guiton came in late in week one and went 5-9 passing Urban told the reporters he would refer to him as “Coach Guiton” from now on.

If your head coach and your offensive coordinator have that kind of faith in you, you’re in a good position. There is evidence that makes that faith justified.

Kenny Guiton ran the offense on 15 different series during the season. He led touchdown drives on 8 of those 15 series.  He played in five games during the course of the season and other than week one against the sacrificial Red Hawks of Miami, it was against conference opponents. He completed 13 of 23 passes on the season for a 56.5 completion percentage. He had two touchdown passes against only one interception. His efficiency rating for the year was 127.29.

Kenny brings a lot of good things to the table. He is a spread option, dual threat quarterback so the play calling doesn’t have to be drastically adjusted between what Braxton does well and what Kenny does well. Think Nebraska, 2011. remember how quickly a win turned into a loss when Joe Bauserman had to come into the game for an injured Braxton Miller. The play calling was horrible for Braxton but he was able to create, Bauserman just couldn’t create his own opportunities. If Kenny comes in the offense is not needing to change style.

Kenny Guiton is a very intelligent quarterback.  He has good mechanics and his team mates trust him. When Kenny G. came in last year during the Purdue game he was able to throw the touchdown pass to Chris fields and complete a 2 point conversion to Heuerman to get the game into overtime. He comes into the game against Nebraska and trailing 17-7 leads a touchdown drive that starts an avalanche that buried the children of the corn. Braxton gets hurt on the opening drive against Michigan State, Spartan Stadium and Kenny comes on and leads a touchdown drive. An obvious factor that comes out in all of Guiton’s 2012 performances is that his team mates have a high degree of trust in him. Chemistry is still there when Braxton has to be on the sideline but the offense on the field.

Kenny Guiton 2I can’t guarantee that the Buckeyes win the national title if Braxton Miller misses a significant amount of reps. However, it is not a stretch to say that the Buckeyes are still the favorite to win the B1G title if Kenny Guiton is leading them. Guiton is not the quarterback that Braxton Miller but he is smart, athletic and willing to work within his skill set to make everyone around him better.


An injury to Braxton makes the goal of a national title far more difficult for the Buckeyes but it doesn’t cancel the dreams that the players, coaches and the Buckeye nation as a whole have for this team. Kenny Guiton is not Braxton Miller but then again who is? Kenny brings enough to the table in intelligence and intangibles that the Buckeyes could still find a way to get there. Kenny Guiton can run this offense and keep it very productive.