Arm Chair Quarterback Week 2: The Good The Bad And The Ugly of San Diego State

On September 10, 2013 by Buckeye Empire

The Ohio State Buckeyes landed a series of haymakers in the first quarter leading 35-0 and then waddled through a 7-7 second half, to win 42-7.

I’m sitting in my recliner at about 6:00pm Saturday, enjoying the after effects of Buckeye victory, yet I must admit that I’m troubled. The Buckeyes for the second week in a row, came out of the gates against fast against a lesser opponent.  Let’s be honest about this, San Diego State was a very good team in the Mountain West conference last year but after two weeks of 2013 it is pretty safe to say, they’re awful. While I’m happy with the comfortable margin of victory, there are still a lot of unanswered questions. We will look at those in this weeks edition of ‘THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY”.


1. Kenny Guiton did a great job leading this team after Braxton Miller’s early, mild MCL sprain. He was confident, poised and generated 236 yards of offense (153 passing and 83 rushing.). Urban praised Kenny for being an excellent game manager. Kenny read the option well, delivered great passes and showed why he was one of the team’s captains as the back up quarterback. Braxton Miller beats you because he has an awesome set of physical tools, Kenny Guiton beats you because he is smart and makes great decisions. Well done Kenny G.

Kenny Guiton was impressive vs. San Diego State. (photo courtesy of Washington Post)

Kenny Guiton was impressive vs. San Diego State. (photo courtesy of Washington Post)

2. Corey “Philly” Brown caught two touchdown passes and had six total for 77 yards. Brown was playing with a higher level of physicality and determination. He was breaking tackles and gaining yards after the catch. The receivers played well and brought a higher level of intensity to the game as a whole.

3. Dontre Wilson is a scary fast individual, they got him the ball in the running game five times and he turned it into 51 yards. The coaches did a great job of putting Wilson in better situations this week. The kid is lightning fast, he provides an amazing contrast to the more physical style of Jordan Hall or Rod Smith. Wilson and Carlos Hyde could be ‘Flash and Smash’ when they get into the game together in a few weeks.


1. The San Diego State passing game was befuddled, confused and downright awful. Starting Quarterback Adam Dingwell went 0/5 with an interception before being relieved by Quinn Kaehler went 22/36 with a TD and an INT. It wasn’t the quality of the Ohio State DB’s, it was the fact that Dingwell was horrible and Kaehler was marginal. I wish I could say that it was great defense on the part of Ohio State but San Diego could not have thrown raw steak to starving dogs Saturday. They hit rock bottom and started digging downward.

2. Marcus Hall had more false starts than a 73 Pinto. I think the offensive line play overall was decent. However, the expectation with the experience of this group is that they would be better than decent. I think we were hoping for something along the lines of ‘dominant’, ‘impressive’ or ‘intimidating’.28SOSU

3. Coach Meyer has done a great job with our kick off team this year and he is right to praise their performance but is Drew Basil going to get one into the end zone this season?


It is hard to find ugly things when you win 42-7 and the game is over at half time. Yet I would have to call Ohio State’s performance in the second half of this game and last week as ugly.

Let me address the excuse mill, I know we have been up big at half time and I know it is hard to maintain that intensity when you are up big yet this offense has to get more consistent over the entirety of the game.  There is still a lot to work on in every facet of the game and in week two there should be a lot to work on.


We are two weeks into the season and we have two comfortable victories. Yet we still have a lot of getting better to do. We have enough talent to beat California regardless of what Braxton’s health is. This team will need to play four quarters of good football, in all three facets of the game if we are going to win. I wish I could be more upset about moving down in the polls after two wins over FBS opponents but I think we’re suffering from being a little bit over-hyped in the off season. If we are solid next week against Cal I will feel better about our Buckeyes. I’m confident but not sold that were as good as the hype just. GO BUCKS!!