Chalk Talk: Week 3 – California Love

On September 11, 2013 by Ryan

I decided to go a little different this week, starting out with an Ohio State/Cal version of the first verse of “California Love.”  I recommend letting the song play past the first verse, as by that point you will have hopefully completely forgotten that I made an attempt to reword one of the greatest rap songs of all time.

2Pac ft Dr. Dre – California Love

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California love!
California… knows how to party
California… knows how to party
In the citaaay of Berkeley.
In the citaaay of the Golden Bear
In the citaaay, the city of hippie hair
We keep it rockin! We keep it rockin!
Now let me welcome everybody to the wild, Pac 12
The state was untouchable like Johnny Manziel
Turmoil hit the state though when Carrol left for the test
The NFL conference open for taking by the rest
We in that sunshine state with that bomb ass talent
That state where ya find a roster with that balance
And agents be on a mission for the next freak
Lean mean money-makin-machines servin greed
Cal been in the game for a hundred years makin bad tunes
Stanford band on the field like some ba-foons
Now it’s ’13 and they drop games but find fame
National spotlight and Ohio State to blame
It’s all good, from Columbus to the bay
Your defense is a joke and offensive makes em pay
Throw up an O if ya lookin forward to the show
Urbz puttin it down for
the O-HI-O

Well now that that experiment is over with we can get down to the really important things, like June 12, 2015.



Yep, Jurassic Park 4 has officially been titled “Jurassic World” which has to be better than the only other “World” with a live dinosaur roaming around, “Jerry World.”  Speaking of the NFL, the Browns, Bengals, Ravens and Steelers all lost their opening game of the season this past weekend, which has to make this the latest in the season the Browns have been in first place in the division since they started playing Super Bowls.  Chip Kelly’s offense looked great for one half of football, then sputtered to a stop to still eek out a win.  This kind of reminds me of the last time an uptempo coach left college for the NFL and had a great opening game.  His name was Steve Spurrier and his 2002 Redskins had almost an identical first game, only to end up 7-9.  Time will tell if Kelly’s offense will survive, but really all anyone needs to do is give this man a call.

Ahhhh the Buckeyes, our boys are wearing the whites this week, and hopefully we can have a little more consistency with the change of venues.  Kenny Guiton lead the Buckeyes to a great win last week after Braxton went down, but I’d really like to see that offense go a full 4 quarters with Miller at the helm, to really see what we have this year.  Cal’s defense is essentially the complete opposite of their offense, allowing 37 points per game.  To go along with that, opposing rushers are averaging 5.75 yards per carry.  It’s safe to say that if Braxton is leading the charge Urban may keep him from using his legs quite as much, especially since our RB s will likely be able to gash that Cal defense on their own.  Let’s just hope for a healthy game for everyone in that department.

As for that Cal offense.

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 12.39.03 AMRight?  Who knew?  They are also averaging over 100 yards on the ground a game, which is pretty impressive as that puts them at almost 600 yards of total offense a game.  Now you could be thinking, “Well most of those yards probably came in their win, not their loss to Northwestern.”  Err, wrong answer.  They had 549 total yards against NU.  Hopefully our D continues to improve in the pass rush department and the DBs continue to get some good breaks for what will likely be some very welcome INTs.

Lastly, for good measure, an Alabama fan made a Johnny Football pinata for this weekend’s Bama vs. Texas A&M game.  It’s complete with bad acne, a sharpie and plenty of Benjamins.  If both teams could lose I’d be fine with that, but I think I’ll root for A&M to win this one, as I see them more likely to lose down the road than Bama.  Roll Aggies or whatever.