A Closer Look at the Coaches Poll: Week 4

On September 25, 2013 by Buckeye Empire

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#1 Alabama 

The Good: Alabama was able to dominate yet another opponent. AJ McCarron completed 20 of 26 passes for 258 yards and a TD. Alabama’s defense was stout while holding Colorado State to 6 points.

The Bad: The Crimson Tide’s offense is still not firing on all cylinders as they are 13th in the SEC in total offense. Their leading rusher on Saturday was held to 47 yards with no touchdowns.

Did the coaches get it right?: Yes. Alabama is still the best team in the nation and their #1 ranking shouldn’t change until they lose a game.


#2 Oregon (bye)

I still feel that Oregon should be ranked behind Ohio State at #3.


#3 Ohio State

The Good: It’s hard to learn anything new about Ohio State after beating up on a weak FCS opponent. Kenny Guiton continued to look tremendous as he set an Ohio State single game record with 6 touchdown passes. True freshman, Ezekiel Elliot, showed why he was such as highly touted recruit coming out of high school while rushing for 162 yards and 2 touchdowns on only 14 carries. The Buckeyes’ defense did not allow Florida A&M to cross the 50 yard line all game.

The Bad: Braxton Miller was unable to play. As phenomenal as Kenny Guiton has been, I do not want a two-quarterback system in Columbus. I am fine with Guiton coming in on trick plays, when Miller is hurt, or in a blow-out, but not all game. In addition to Miller’s injury, Adolphus Washington and Michael Bennett did not play. Washington and Bennett will be vital to the Buckeyes’  success this upcoming Saturday as Wisconsin figures to run the ball early and often.

Did the coaches get it right?: No. I still have Ohio State ranked ahead of Oregon at #2.


#4 Clemson

The Good: Clemson was able to leave Raleigh with a win. This game was closer than the Tigers would have liked but Tajh Boyd led them to victory while throwing for 344 yards and 3 touchdowns.

The Bad: Clemson did not look good. The officials screwed up (again) and missed a clear NC State touchdown which would have obviously made this game much closer.

Did the coaches get it right? No. I hate to sound like a homer but if Ohio State would have played like that against Minnesota they would have dropped substantially in the polls. I dropped Clemson to #5.

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#5 Stanford

The Good: Now I remember why I was so high on Stanford to begin the season. They absolutely pummeled Arizona State through 3 quarters on Saturday and allowed the Sun Devils to score 21 garbage points in the 4th quarter. Stanford played like the well-rounded team that they generally are and did not rely too heavily on one specific group of players.

The Bad: Stanford’s offense was out-gained by Arizona State 417-391 but I don’t think Stanford has anything to worry about in that regard.

Did the coaches get it right? No. I put Stanford ahead of Clemson this week at #4.


#6 LSU

The Good: LSU was able to beat a tough SEC opponent by 14 points. The Tigers’ rushing game was tremendous on Saturday, led by Jeremy Hill. Hill finished the game with 183 yards on the ground and 3 touchdowns.

The Bad: I will continue to say this every week – Jeremy Hill should have been punished. Les Miles and the SEC set a terrible example by treating this situation so lightly. 

Did the coaches get it right?: Yes. I mentioned last week that I was fine with Louisville at #6 because I knew LSU would jump them as the Tigers beat more quality opponents. We will have a better idea of how good LSU actually is  this upcoming weekend as they are set to take on Georgia.


#7 Louisville

The Good: For once, I actually agree with something that was said on ESPN. Louisville and Ohio State should have played each other instead of demolishing two inferior opponents by a combined score of 148-0. There isn’t much to take away from this game but Teddy Bridgewater completed 17 of 22 passes for 212 yards and 4 touchdowns.

The Bad: The strength of Louisville’s schedule. While most programs are starting to take on quality conference opponents this week, Louisville will begin playing their atrocious schedule in the American Athletic Conference.

Did the coaches get it right?: Yes. I still think Louisville is a great team but they will continue to get jumped by other good teams with more difficult schedules.


#8 Florida State 

The Good: Florida State continued to roll by dominating Bethune-Cookman 54-6. I did not watch this game, nor did I want to. There isn’t much to take away from a matchup like this.

The Bad: The Seminoles defense allowed 242 yards to a team that most people have never heard of. Jameis Winston barely completed 50% of his passes while throwing for 148 yards.

Did the coaches get it right?: Yes. I like Florida State at #8 until they start beating quality opponents.

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#9 Texas A&M

The Good: Texas A&M demolished yet another opponent behind Johnny Manziel’s 340 yards and 3 touchdowns.

The Bad: The Aggies committed 13 penalties for 114 yards!

Did the coaches get it right?: Yes. Texas A&M still seems to be a top ten team so I am fine with them at #9 as long as there is the potential for other undefeated teams to jump them as the season progresses.


#10 Georgia 

The Good: Aaron Murray accounted for nearly 450 yards and 4 touchdowns in Georgia’s 45-21 victory over North Texas.

The Bad: Georgia was tied with North Texas 21-21 at one point in the 3rd quarter.

Did the coaches get it right?: Yes. Georgia has the most difficult 4-game schedule to start the season. They have lost once but it was only by 3 points to the #4 team in the country.