Ohio State Chalk Talk: Michigan Awful in a Bye Week, Kiffin’s Coffin & Karma Strikes Again

On September 30, 2013 by BuckeyeEmpire


BVXkvZFCcAAIm6ZAnother college football weekend in the books and another win for Urban Meyer’s Buckeyes.  After coming out firing on all cylinders, and getting a huge touchdown right before the half, the Buckeyes offense again slowed to a putter, which had more than a few Buckeye fans questioning the play calling down the stretch.  These are only the best types of problems to have, as it means we’re not simply satisfied with getting the close win, and want to see more “nail in the coffin” type calls.  I don’t think there’s anything wrong with playing it a little conservative towards the end of the game, especially against a team like Wisconsin (who should have just had their first loss, not their second), but I believe most of us want the pedal to the metal on the offensive side of the ball purely so we don’t have to suffer Buckeye-induced-aneurysms on a weekly basis.  One thing is for sure, we’re at least looking a lot better than Michigan, who even in a bye week looked even more pathetic due to their struggles against UConn.

As of today UConn has fired their head coach after an 0-4 start which included nearly knocking off the Wolverines.  Their fourth loss you ask?  It came to Buffalo, the very team that Michigan fans were up in arms about us “only beating them by 20.”  Thankfully for us, we didn’t “only beat Akron by 4″ or “only beat UConn by 3.”  That same UConn team that the Sun and Blue beat by 3 just lost to Buffalo by 29.  Now I’m no mathematician, but simple math… carry the 2… yep Michigan still sucks.  So the next time a Michigan fan wants to talk about strength of schedule with a Buckeye they should probably take a long hard look at the 7 points keeping them from a 2-2 record which would have had 2 of the worst losses in school history attached to it.  Oh, well besides that one time.

Karma has once again reared its ugly head once again for the former Badger coach himself, Bert Bulimia.

Another fan-favorite coach went down over the weekend in the form of Lane Kiffin.  This one has seemingly been coming a while, as Kiffin has had about as much success at USC as he has had everywhere else, which is none.  I really have no idea how this guy ran up the coaching ranks so quickly, having never really had any meaningful success, all while being a complete douche in the process.  Tennessee fans should feel very lucky he left them the way he did, because although they are struggling on the field as well, they at least don’t have a head coach they despise in the process.

One head coach I simply can’t add to the trash talk list is the very one our Buckeyes go up against this coming weekend, Pat Fitzgerald.  My current candidate for B1G Coach of the Year, Fitzgerald has taken Northwestern to another level, being arguably the 2nd best team in the Big Ten.  It’s been amazing to see his recruiting talent, as well as his ability to lead a disciplined team on and off the field.  Evanston is historically a great gathering place for Buckeyes heading to an away game, and their stadium is normally filled with a majority of Scarlet and Gray.  While I know a ton of Buckeyes are making that same trip, I feel it’s likely that there will be a lot more purple clad fans not selling away their tickets, as this may be the biggest game of the season for either team assuming the rest of the B1G teams keep playing at the level they are.  Look for Vonn Bell to be tested early and often as he will likely be replacing Christian Bryant.  The highly touted recruit will have his hands full against the NU offense, which averages 233 yards per game in the air and 250 yards on the ground.

This could end up to be a shootout with the Buckeye defense allowing so many passing yards to a run-oriented Wisconsin.  I’m going with the Buckeyes in a another blood pressure-raising affair, 45-37.