Week 5 Helmet Stickers

On October 2, 2013 by Buckeye Empire

In a tight win against Wisconsin, the Buckeye offense and defense came together in their first night game of the 2013 season.

As is the case each week, a specific Buckeye from each realm played well enough to claim the title of “Buckeye Empire Helmet Sticker Winner”.

This week, the winners were essentially unanimous.

Offensive Helmet Sticker: Braxton Miller, quarterback

Braxton Miller Wisconsin

Well, it took five weeks for Braxton Miller to earn his first Buckeye Empire Helmet Sticker, but he got here nonetheless.

After Jordan Hall stole the show in week one and injuries took him out of weeks two through four, Braxton finally took over the offense in week five against Ohio State’s first Big Ten foe.

On Saturday night, Miller completed 17 of 25 passes for 198 yards and four touchdowns while running for another 83 yards on the ground.

He did look to be a little bit rusty- and deservedly so after seeing his first time in over two weeks- but overall Miller played essentially as we expected him to in such a big game.

If there was any criticism of Miller’s second action of 2013, it was his inefficiency on the ground.

When it comes to Braxton, Buckeye fans are accustomed to seeing his yards per rush average to be well over four. On Saturday, however, Miller scampered for those 83 yards on 22 attempts, giving him a 3.8 average per carry, a number a little lower than his career mark.

Overall though, again, Miller lead the offense to a crucial win and orchestrated the biggest play of the game- a 40-yard touchdown pass to Philly Brown with just a second left on the clock before halftime.

That play gave Ohio State a 10-point lead heading into the half and gave them the opportunity for a “two-for-one” as they would receive the kickoff in the second half.

With another primetime game against a ranked Big Ten foe looming, Ohio State will rely on Miller to lead the offense again on Saturday night.

Defensive Helmet Sticker: Ryan Shazier, linebacker

Photo courtesy of espn.com

Shazier earned his second Buckeye Empire defensive helmet sticker of the season against the Badgers, the first coming in week one against the Buffalo Bulls.

Shazier and the Silver Bullets allowed just 104 rushing yards to one of the premier rushing teams in the nation in Wisconsin, who averaged well over 300 yards-per-game on the ground coming into Saturday night.

It was Shazier who lead the linebacking corps and helped the defensive line in stalling two of the best running backs in the nation- Melvin Gordon and James White.

Northwestern has a tremendous rushing attack that will give Shazier and the defense all they can handle next week, but hopefully I’ll be writing Shazier’s name next to the Defensive Helmet Sticker title yet again in about a week from now.

Past Helmet Sticker Winners:

Week One

Offensive Helmet Sticker: Jordan Hall, running back

Defensive Helmet Sticker: Ryan Shazier, linebacker

Week Two

Offensive Helmet Sticker: Kenny Guiton, quarterback

Defensive Helmet Sticker: Steve Miller, defensive lineman

Week Three

Offensive Helmet Sticker: Kenny Guiton, quarterback

Defensive Helmet Sticker: Joey Bosa, defensive end

Week Four

Offensive Helmet Sticker: Kenny Guiton, quarterback

Defensive Helmet Sticker: Chase Farris, defensive lineman