Arm Chair Quarterback: The Good, The Bad, and the The Ugly of Iowa.

On October 21, 2013 by Buckeye Empire

In what could be classified as a blustery mid October day, Ohio State went into the Horseshoe and emerged with a 34-24 victory over a gritty Iowa team that didn’t really care about the Buckeyes winning streak or accolades.  The victory leaves the Buckeyes at 7-0, with a 19 game winning streak. All the things we as a fan base want for this team are still on the table and with all of the upsets we have seen so far this year, that is a great position to be in. It is a great time to be a Buckeye and we will look at all of these things in this weeks addition of, The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.


The Coaches did a great job adjusting at half time. The Buckeyes were trailing 17-10 at half time with Iowa being the physically dominant team. Iowa’s offense was excellent in a Jim Tressel kind of way as they pushed and bullied OSU’s defense around the field.

The offensive coaching staff did a better job spreading the Hawkeyes out in the second half. They used swing passes and got Dontre Wilson involved and when the Hawks went to the edge to contain the middle opened up for bruising runs from Carlos Hyde. The line blocked better and seemed to get stronger as the game went on.

The defensive coaching staff called coach Tressel at half time to get a refresher on stopping antiquated offense and it worked. The Buckeyes punched Iowa off the field early in the second half and only a blown coverage on Iowa’s tight end allowed a big play and Iowa’s only points of the second half.

628x471-1Braxton Miller had the kind of game that we all felt like he was capable of having. Braxton accounted for 102 yards rushing and 222 yards passing. He accounted for 324 yards of offense by himself including two touchdown passes. He completed 22 of his 27 attempts and this was clearly the best game of the season he has played. Braxton needs to make an appearance on dancing with the stars somewhere down the road because he did more cutting and shifting than MC Hammer back in the day.

Carlos Hyde was the workhorse for the second straight week. He accumulated 149 yards on 24 carries with two touchdowns. He was solid. The three game suspension might prove to be a blessing in disguise because there are three less games of wear and tear on his body. He looks well rested and strong. For the Buckeyes to do all of the things we want them to do, he has to be a foundational piece of the puzzle. So far, so good.


Bradley Roby getting ejected for targeting was stupid on a lot of different levels. It was that psychosis that every DB gets about having to make the kill shot rather than make the tackle. Hey Robs, next time hit him in the ribs rather than the head. I didn’t think the hit was dirty or malicious but the ref enforced the rule correctly. Our DB’s in the absence of our best player looked bad on a many occasions. There was little on or no communication between the DB’s when Iowa lined up in a bunch formation for their second touchdown pass, there is no excuse for a tight to be behind our entire defensive backfield, ever.



The first half was just an ugly half of football. We are significantly more talented than Iowa. Ourteam did enough to hang around but it was disappointing to see the team that played the first half against Northwestern rather than the team that played the first half of every other game. Penn State has more weapons than Iowa and they come in with a high level of motivation, a bad first half against the Nittany’s and it will be harder to recover. We have to come out of the gates on national television.

Getting physically beaten like we did for large stretches of the first half was very disappointing. It almost looked like 2010 when Pryor and the Buckeyes went up to Camp Randall and got physically abused by Wisky. Thankfully, in the second half we were able to come out and play a little better.


We are 7-0 and that is awesome. We have won 19 in a row and that is awesome.

We have re-confirmed what we already know, that Urban Meyer is a great football coach. His teams play hard and they adjust quickly.  This is a physically tough football team that so far has dealt with expectations very well. The only thing we can do is control our destiny by winning every time we play. Penn State comes to town on Saturday night in front of a national tv audience. If we can dominate on a Saturday night television game it will be easier for the pollsters to move us into that three slot when FSU messes up and into the two spot when Bama or Oregon slips. If two of those three are undefeated then it won’t matter because we will be left out of national title consideration.

It is important to enjoy the victories while you got them and Buckeye nation, this has been an amazing season.