On November 2, 2013 by Chris Holloway

We often get comments through our site’s “Contact Us” page that are little more than spam, but the one that just came through is too precious not to share.

First off, please note that I have changed nothing about this comment. Not the punctuation, not the spelling, nothing. What you see is what I saw just before a hearty chuckle.

WARNING: strong language ahead. If you are easily offended, please close your browser now.

From: osusuckcock@yahoo.com

“doesn’t matter as I think it is hilarious as the more games you win and go to a bowl game and play an SEC team and they kick your asses,then it will be a long fall down!! :) HA HA!! too fucking funny!!!

OSU sucks cock and so do you!!! cant wait to watch SEC team destroy you in bowl game and break your win streak!! Hope they run the fucking score up on you too just like your shit hole Saban does to teams..will be Karma!!!

go fuck yourself you ohio state piece of shit!!!”

It’s really the three exclamation points at the end that make the whole comment really pop and hit home. The rest is just a jumbled mess of nonsense that I want to believe was created using a College Football Random Word Generator. Either that, or some fine SEC education on display.

I’m not too sure who this person is a fan of. They clearly represent the SEC, but knock on Nick Saban. Perhaps this is Gus Malzahn?

Patrick White
Patrick White

all I have to say is, it gave me a great laugh

Josh Osborne
Josh Osborne

My guess, it's some toothless idiot from Louisiana!!