Chalk Talk: Geaux Trees! Sooner the Better

On November 7, 2013 by BuckeyeEmpire


Ah another week off; a time to relax, kick back and watch some football that has no real meaning for Buckeyes.


Bye week be damned, Buckeye fans have plenty to stress about this week, and all of it involves numbers like .9797, .9435, .8720 & .7745.  Those are Albama, Oregon, Ohio State, and Baylor’s BCS rankings respectively, and Baylor could be on the move to pass the Buckeyes if their season continues.  It’s clear, Ohio State needs help, and this week we look to the likes of LSU, Stanford and Oklahoma to try and keep our hopes alive of somehow making a National Title Game appearance.

What you need to know:

treeth5Stanford, home of big trees, did us all a favor themselves earlier this season with an embarrassing loss to Utah.  The Cardinal are going to need a serious effort from their defense, who only allows 19.4 points a game.  Oregon is averaging a ridiculous 55.6 points per game on offense, even with most of the starters not seeing the 4th qtr of some games.  They have a quality win against UCLA as well as what was thought to be a quality win against a now exposed (and 5-3) Washington team.  They haven’t faced a defense anywhere close to the likes of Stanford, but I’m not sure that spells upset.  There would need to be some costly turnovers, along with Stanford really controlling the clock, to slow down Oregon.  If they’re going to do it, they’ll need to rely on the running game that’s getting them 5 yards a clip to keep the ball out of the Oregon’s offensive hands.

Oklahoma is coming into this game three games removed from an unexpected loss to Texas.  Big Game Bob has had a knack for blowing those types of games, so here’s hoping that was his one traditional let down of the season and he has his guys geared up for Baylor‘s offense.  It should be a relatively easy task, as Baylor is averaging… oh you know… 63.9 points per game.  Seriously that’s something out of a video game we’ll never see made again.  I’m not exactly sure how Oklahoma plans on slowing that offense down,   but I’m going to assume they’re going to do everything they can to get to Bryce Petty early and often.  Petty is averaging 13.9 yards per attempt on his passes (Braxton is avegering 8.83 and Guiton 6.94), which is just absurd.  This can be slightly attributed to the fact that Baylor hasn’t played anyone of any sort of college football relevance, but the stat is still staggering.  With the bulk of their schedule coming up against the currently ranked #10, #25, #14 teams along with Texas, it could be very likely that if they win out they would jump the Buckeyes in the BCS rankings.  I don’t think they can survive this gauntlet at the end of their season, hopefully our last team to worry about jumping us ends their undefeated streak tonight.


Then we have the reigning champs, Alabama.  Their lone impressive win is against Texas A&M, whose defense lacks any resemblance of a power football team, currently ranked 80th in points against.  If you mention VaTech in any manner of the term for a good win you should have your right to talk college football taken away, as that team just lost to Duke, on a football field, in a real game, not played on a basketball court.  So now Alabama, with a not-so-impressive defense themselves (forget the chump teams, A&M put up 628 yards), has to go against the one team that has consistently given them issues during their tenure as the nation’s top team, LSU.  No Honey Badger on this team, but they do have a running back that is a bruiser.  LSU has already dropped two games this year against Ole Miss and Georgia, but of course are somehow still ranked as the #13 team in the country.  Which, if Alabama lost, would make this a “quality loss,” instead of just a loss to a team that should be ranked below Wisconsin, UCF, ASU, OkState, A&M, MSU and Louisville.  But oh well.  Their defense isn’t anything to talk about, ranked 31st in points against, but it is better than that A&M defense, so I could see them actually making some stops on Alabama’s offense.  Offensively LSU is going to need to run the football to open up the passing game.  Hill will have to have a knock-out, drag-out type game, but knowing his history he shouldn’t have any issues with the physicality of the game.  LSU’s QB, Zach Mettenberger (who had is own sexual assault charges at Georgia) is having a pretty good season himself, with nearly 2500 yards passing and a near 11 yard per average.  He’ll need to be patient when trying to make big plays, as Bama’s defense is allowing under 10 points a game.


Do I like that we have to rely on other teams to get us into the title game? Absolutely not, but it’s the reality.  Our schedule has done us wrong, along with the rest of the Big Ten when it comes to being quality football teams.  You just can’t cut it any other way.  Are there arguments against teams certain media outlets claim to be the best actually being the best? Of course.  But right now the polls are set where they are, and we’re not going to be able to cover enough ground to change them without some upsets.  So tonight, plant a tree or two and take the old horse and carriage out for a spin.  Hell shoot off some guns and read a physics book, because tonight we’re all trees and Sooners.  Come Saturday make sure to speak in an accent no one can understand, throw on your overalls and sexually assault some people for good luck!

Geaauuxxx…. nope, can’t do it.



50/50   Two questions -Has stoops actually ever won a major game that matters?

Is the BIGten network really taking that much market share from the extra scommercials private network that they purposely omitt the bucks from relevant inclusion as one of the top teams to beat the ducks with great defense and a running game.?