Heisman Chase: Week 10

On November 7, 2013 by Buckeye Empire

Braxton Miller is 4th in the nation with 72% completion, and is 7th in the nation in pass efficiency. Take out that injury, and his numbers here stack up with Mariota and Winston. But I digress…….

The List

AJ McCarron AJ McCarron (ALA)

Last Game: BYE.

Season Stats (national rank): Pass Eff 166.6 (9th); 69.4% completion (8th); 232 pass yds p/g (42nd); 16 Pass TD (26th); Pass Yds/Comp 12.8 (46th); Total Off YPG 230 (57th)

Chances: On Life Support. But the guy has three rings, so he’ll survive. He’s still underrated by everyone in the media, but he’s not going to win the Heisman. By the way, he probably doesn’t really care to. They’ve answered every possible challenge as a team over the last couple years. Hopefully, Les Miles eats some of the grass, then LSU takes out the Tide, and Saban goes to Texas. Here’s hoping. Just like last time, Geaux not Bama.

This Week: vs. LSU, 8:00, Saturday.   


ncf_marcusmariota1_ms_300x300 Marcus Mariota (ORE)

Last Game: BYE.

Season Stats (national rank): Pass Eff 178.5 (5th); 64% completion (33rd); 285 pass yds p/g (16th); 20 Pass TD (10th); Pass Yds/Comp 15.8 (5th); Total Off YPG 349 (9th)

Chances: Excellent. If Winston is 1A, then Mariota is 1B. The guy is not the passer that Winston is, but he’s as explosive a player that we have in college football. He’s got a chance to jump ahead of Winston in the voters’ eyes with a win down on the farm in Palo Alto. Once again, Buckeye fans are waiting for one of these undefeated teams to lose, and the cardinal IS the state bird of Ohio, so maybe it’s a sign. Go Cardinal.

This Week: @ Stanford, 9:00, Thursday.


dm_130831_Johnny_Manziel_Jese_Palmer Johnny Manziel (TAMU)

Last Game: W 57-7 vs. UTEP. 16/24, 273 yds, 4 TD; 67 rush yds, 2 TD

Season Stats (national rank): Pass Eff 185 (4th); 72 % completion (5th); 318 pass yds p/g (10th); 26 Pass TD (3rd); Pass Yds/Comp 14.3 (12th); Total Off YPG 381 (3rd)

Chances: Great. This game was over when UTEP woke up in the morning. Manziel did what he does, but got to do it in a game where he could’ve thrown left handed and won. On to the next one, and Manziel is still somewhat quietly (somehow) having a great, productive year. The guy is polarizing, but he flat out plays well every week, and is even better when the competition is better. You can knock everything else he does, and I enjoy doing it by the way, but on the field he has already answered the critics twice over.

This Week: vs. Miss. St., 3:30, Saturday.


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Jameis Winston (FSU)

Last Game: W 41-14 vs. Miami (FL). 21/29, 325 yds, 1 TD

Season Stats (national rank): Pass Eff 201 (2nd); 70% completion (7th); 312 pass yds p/g (13th); 24 Pass TD (4th); Pass Yds/Comp 16.8 (2nd); Total Off YPG 331 (12th)

Chances: The Favorite. There was mass hysteria in the first half in Tallahassee last Saturday. Winston threw TWO interceptions in one half. People in The Doak were as confused as Brady Hoke with a headset. He didn’t get his due last week because of those picks, but somewhat quietly threw for over 300 yards with over 72% completion against the number seven team in the country. And some thought it was his worst performance over the last month or so. Every team in the country would kill to have their quarterback have that kind of average game against a top ten opponent. He has to be the favorite right now.

This Week: @ Wake Forest, 12:00, Saturday.



Bryce Petty (BAY)

Season Stats (national rank): Pass Eff 219 (1st); 69.3% completion (9th); 350 pass yds p/g (4th); 18 Pass TD (18th); Pass Yds/Comp 20.1 (1st); Total Off YPG 360 (5th)

Chances: On Life Support. Perception is he’s a product of the Briles offense. Still impressive numbers as you can see. He’ll show his mettle on Thursday.

Mike Evans (TAMU)

Season Stats (national rank): Receiving YPG 127 (4th); Receiving TDs 12 (3rd)

Chances: Slim. He’ll lose votes to Manziel in a hurry. Plus there are too many good QBs here for him to win.



Tajh Boyd was taken off the list, as was Teddy Bridgewater.



Winston definitely.



Right now it is Winston. But it might be Mariota on Friday morning, depending how their game goes with Stanford. Stay tuned.  Manziel is a close third.