Mully’s Musings

On November 8, 2013 by Buckeye Empire

Well it’s another bye week for the Buckeyes and that sucks! Saturdays without the Buckeyes are the worst days of the week by far. Although it is nice to watch every other team ahead of us lose. Just like those Oregon Ducks did last night!

Which brings me to something that’s been gnawing at my stomach the last few weeks. If the Buckeyes win out and either Alabama or FSU lose does Stanford jump the Buckeyes in the standings? Will the Buckeyes get snubbed from the National Title game after 2 undefeated seasons? Sorry guys but I believe the answer is yes to both questions. With a win over Oregon last night Stanford may have just swayed the BCS to vote them #4 since the Bucks don’t have a game this weekend.  This is why the BCS is bullshit, proven yet again. So what if Bama and FSU both lose and OSU is undefeated will they automatically get a shot? Or will the SEC bias get Bama back into the game because that conference is so “superior” to everyone else? Except their fans are backwoods hillbillies. superbammertm6

by this picture don’t the mean “Fat Rolls Tide” We won’t know the answer until the end of the season, but if the Buckeyes don’t get in who wants to burn couches with me like a bunch of Spartans? Just kidding we are classier than that. It’s just going to be tough for our guys to swallow to go 25-0 and not have a shot to play for something they have always dreamed of. 

So in other news the city of Ann Arbor is upset with TTUN over their billboard, apparently the city is in awe of a digital billboard and get distracted by the lights. That’s what happens when your fans are called Walmart Wolverines, they get distracted by something as simple as a few lights. Guess that’s why they have that big M as a logo so we know they’re Morons.


Stay safe this weekend Buckeye Nation, as I will try to be when I venture into enemy territory this weekend to tailgate the TTUN game. Let’s go Huskers!