Reaction to Evan Spencer’s Comments About Florida State and Alabama

On November 11, 2013 by Buckeye Humor



It turns out the context of Spencer’s comment was actually:

“Well, I guess I’m a little biased, but I think we’d wipe the field with both of them, but that’s just my bias speaking.” the Buckeye wide receiver said. “We’re going to go ahead and handle our business and play our best game every week. We know that we just have to go out and execute. If we go out and execute for a full game, there’s nobody in the country that we feel can hang with us when we’re executing the way that we can.”

Of course this isn’t how a large portion of the media is reporting it. They are presenting it as “bulletin board material”.

If you look at things objectively by the end of the season Ohio State’s schedule will be right on par with Florida State’s. Florida State will have beaten a good Clemson team followed by a lot of mediocre teams. Ohio State will have beaten a good Wisconsin team and (likely) a good Michigan State team along with a crew of scrubs, like Michigan. If the NCAA was consistent then Alabama wouldn’t even be bowl eligible considering there has been proven instances of a coach giving money to a current player and a recent graduate receiving money from a guy connected to an agent while on the path to last years National Championship.

As things stand Ohio State is currently the odd team out behind Alabama and Florida State when it comes to who will be playing for the National Championship. We like the Buckeyes confidence and agree with Spencer that Ohio State could take care of either one of these teams. Comments like this just get us all fired up! As for the bulletin board material we aren’t buying it. If guys need comments from the other team in order to get fired up for the National Championship Game then they shouldn’t be in the game. We’re on board with Bone Crusher, WE AIN”T NEVER SCARED.

What do you think. Should Spencer have laid that out there or kept in the locker room?

Buckeye Empire
Buckeye Empire

Did you read the article? It has his full quote, how it was taken out of context, everything. Also, we completely support his comments, and it will only be "bulletin board material" if we play either of those teams.

Ryan Junior
Ryan Junior

Stop posting this! I just saw it on Eleven Warriors too. You guys are supposed to be Buckeye supporters but are giving these other teams bulletin board material. Of course he and every other guy wearing scarlet and gray think that they can but that talk is kept in house.