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#1 Alabama

The Good: Alabama has proven to be the most dominant team in college football throughout the season, despite a sloppy performance against Mississippi State this past Saturday. I am still a firm believer that a win is a win and the concept of “style points” is quite possibly the worst thing to ever happen in major sports. I will give Alabama the benefit of the doubt but I wish the voters would be consistent across the board and treat all teams equally.

The Bad: Virtually everything about Alabama’s performance on Saturday was bad but they were still able to hang on and win the game. Bama committed 4 turnovers yet the Bulldogs only managed to score 7 points. Alabama was lucky to face an offense as putrid as Mississippi State because had they played a decent team they would have definitely lost.

Did the coaches get it right?: Yes. Alabama has played the most difficult schedule out of all the unbeaten teams and has remained perfect. They should remain #1 until they lose a game.


#2 Florida State

The Good: Florida State absolutely pummeled Syracuse by a score of 59-3. You have to give Florida State credit, they have an extremely easy schedule but they are embarrassing the teams that they are playing. Jameis Winston completed 19/21 passes for 277 yards and 2 touchdowns in roughly 2 quarters of play.

The Bad: Florida State is doing nothing wrong on the field. Their schedule is no better than Ohio State’s or Baylor’s, despite what the media says, but they are making the most of their games and dismantling their opponents. I hope the allegations against Jameis Winston are taken seriously by the ACC and NCAA and not swept under the rug like most situations in the SEC.

Did the coaches get it right?: No. I have Florida State at #3. Ohio State is a better football team with a better head coach.


#3 Ohio State

The Good: Ohio State blew out yet another Big 10 opponent, this time Illinois by a score of 60-35. The media bias was undeniable this week as they bashed Ohio State for hanging 60 in a 25 point victory but praised other teams for similar performances. Carlos Hyde played like the best running back in the country and a potential first round draft pick while rushing for 246 yards and 4 TDs and catching one more.

The Bad: Ohio State’s defense started to struggle tremendously as the game progressed. They needed to blow Illinois out and play flawless on both sides of the ball (because the BCS & Mark May say so) and the Buckeyes played far from a flawless game. Ohio State would get beat by Florida State, Baylor, and Alabama if their defense played like they did on Saturday – but their defense won’t play like that again. The Buckeyes were playing without 2 starting LBs and starting DE, Joey Bosa, was forced to leave the game.

Did the coaches get it right?: No. Ohio State should most definitely be in control of their own destiny.Urban Meyer is 22-0 as the head coach of the Buckeyes and they deserve a shot at a national title if they finish the season undefeated. To be perfectly honest, I think Ohio State fans should boycott college football if the Bucks are left out. What’s the point of watching a sport that your favorite team isn’t ever allowed to play for a championship? Think about it.


#4 Baylor

The Good: Baylor pounded a solid Texas Tech team – 63-34. Baylor is a tremendous football team and their fans should be upset that they too are on the outside looking in. Bryce Petty threw for 335 yards and 3 touchdowns while rushing for 2 more.

The Bad: The BCS system. As things stand, two undefeated teams from powerhouse conferences will not get the opportunity to play for a National Championship. The worst system in all of sports ruins the best sport in the world. As far as Baylor is concerned, they are playing perfectly.

Did the coaches get it right?: Yes. Baylor is the 4th best team in the country and the fact that they will jump Ohio State with a win this week is absolutely ridiculous.


#5 Oregon

The Good: Oregon throttled a decent Utah team. The Ducks are still one the best teams in the country, despite struggling with solid defenses. Marcus Mariota completed 19/26 passes for 288 yards and 3 touchdowns. Oregon controls their own destiny in the PAC-12 now that Stanford lost their second game.

The Bad: It will be virtually impossible for the Ducks to play for a National Championship. They will need 3 teams ahead of them to lose and I don’t see that happening.

Did the coaches get it right?: Yes. I am fine with Oregon at #5. I would pick them over any other one-loss team in the country.
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#6 Auburn 

The Good: Auburn managed to win their 10th game under Guz Malzahn in his first season at the helm, in what has to be considered the most dramatic ending of the 2013 season. I am not 100% sold on the Auburn Tigers but they keep finding ways to win.

The Bad: The Tigers’ defense allowed 38 points and 532 yards of offense. It must be that SEC defense…

Did the coaches get it right?: Yes. Their resume is the most impressive of the one-loss teams and they will jump Oregon if they continue to win.


#7 Clemson

The Good: Clemson beat another ACC opponent by a substantial margin. Their offense continues to be one of the best in the nation. Tajh Boyd completed 20/26 passes for 340 yards and 4 touchdowns while rushing for one more.

The Bad: Clemson gave up 31 points and 440 yards.

Did the coaches get it right?: No. Their only quality win was against a Georgia team that isn’t nearly as good as we originally thought. Clemson was absolutely embarrassed by Florida State on their own home field. I have Michigan State at #7.


#8 Missouri (bye)

I have Clemson at #8 and Missouri at #9.


#9 Texas A&M (bye)

I think #10 is perfect for Texas A&M. They are definitely the best two-loss team in the country. Missouri should ranked #9.

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#10 Stanford

The Good: It’s hard to find much good in Stanford’s loss to USC. They had control of their own destiny in the PAC-12 and a potential National Championship berth and they choked.

The Bad: I truly think David Shaw is a top 3-5 coach in college football but he was out-coached by Ed Orgeron.

Did the coaches get it right?: Absolutely not. Stanford has 2 losses to unranked teams and they are still in the top 10?! If that doesn’t sum up the BCS perfectly I’m not sure what does. Texas A&M should be ranked #10.